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We rent radio microphones and wired microphones in London & Surrey for live events, bands,speeches, gigs and recordings. Also specialist recording microphones as well as associated preamps, amplification and recording equipment. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Having had 10 years rental experience we know what the client needs – we only supply clean, tested and reliable microphones and offer first class technical advice and support if required.

We can also supply delivery, collection and installation in the London & Surrey area.

Amongst our large and varied stock are microphones to suit every type of event, instrument, and recording, from manufacturers such as AKG, Audio Technica, B&K, Beyer, Brauner, DPA, Earthworks, Electrovoice, Holophone, Neumman, RCA, Royer, Sanken, Schoeps, Sennheiser, Shure, Sony, STC…

Cant find what your looking for? Please contact us now as we would love to help you.

Shure SM57 Microphone Hire

SM58 Microphone hire

Another legendary microphone from Shure, the SM58 is sister to the Beta 58, and shares its popularity as well many of its defining characteristics, including the indestructible ruggedness and the signature cardioid pick-up response. Where the SM58 differs is that it is designed to pick up vocals, giving them a warmth and clarity on stage or in the studio. It also features a highly effective spherical wind and pop filter. One of the best selling microphones in the world for a reason, the SM58 is perfect for lead or back-up singers in a wide range of (dare we say most?) situations.

Shure SM57 Microphone Hire

Shure SM57 Microphone Hire

This legendary dynamic microphone is the workhorse of the music industry, used by just about every professional performer at one time or another, and the sole microphone of choice for every US President over the last 30 years! Often copied but ever bested, the SM57 has gained its reputation by offering rugged ‘bomb proof’ reliably and a very effective cardioid (heart shaped) pickup pattern, which is great for close micing instruments while minimising pickup of background noises. The microphone of choice for professionals when performing on stage or in the studio, the SM57 is great for close micing guitars and bass amps, snare drums, toms and brass instruments.

AKG C1000 Microphone Hire

The versatility of the C 1000 S makes this an extremely popular model, and one ideally suited for all kinds of recording and live sound applications. Battery status LED for reliable monitoring of remaining battery life Can be powered by internal 9 V battery or by phantom power (9-52 V DC) PPC 1000 allows the microphone to be switched from cardioid to hypercardioid pickup pattern Presence Boost Adapter PB 1000 is included for high-end enhancement AKG C1000S Switchable Cardiod to Hyper-Cardiod Condenser Microphone

AKG Drum Kit Mic

AKG Drum Kit Mic  Hire

AKG Drum Set Session I, drum microphone set for Studio and Live application, set consists of 4x P4 dynamic thomann Tom and Snare Microphone (cardioid), 1x P2 dynamic Bass Drum-microphone (cardioid), 2x P17 small diaphragm condenser Overhead microphones (cardioid) and 4x H440 rim holder for P4, incl. aluminium case

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