Behringer Ultralink Pro MX882 Hire



The Behringer MX882 V2 Ultralink Pro combines an 8-in/2-out line mixer and 2-in/8-out line splitter into a single 19” rackmountable device. The MX882 V2 is perfect for distributing a stereo signal to several outputs in splitter mode, combining multiple signals into stereo outputs in mixer mode, or for adapting signal levels from multiple sources as a buffer amplifier. Each of the device’s channels can operate independently or simultaneously in mixer or splitter mode, providing a versatile solution for a wide range of applications.

  • Multi-Function 8-In/2-Out Line Mixer & 2-In/8-Out Line Splitter
  • Ultra-Wide Bandwidth of 5Hz – 200kHz For Highest Signal Integrity
  • Perfect for Both Studio and Live Performance Applications
  • 4-Segment/8-Segment Level Meters For All Channels
  • Independent Level and Balance/Pan Controls On Each Channel
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