Epsom Players Hairspray

Stage Lighting Hire For London & Surrey?

In the vibrant heart of Epsom, a theatrical masterpiece unfolded at the Epsom Playhouse, captivating audiences with its dynamic energy, poignant messages, and visual spectacle. “Epsom Hairspray: The Musical,” presented by the Epsom Players, has set a new benchmark for community theatre, thanks in no small part to the exceptional talents of Richard Pike, the lighting designer who brought the show’s magic to life. Pike’s choice to partner with STLS for stage lighting hire, specifically selecting Ayrton Mistrals for the production, was a decision that showcased how professional lighting can make a production from good to unforgettable.

From Concept To Curtain Call

The journey of “Hairspray” from concept to curtain call was a testament to the dedication and passion of the Epsom Players. Set in the 1960s, the musical’s themes of love, acceptance, and the fight against racial segregation resonated deeply with audiences, thanks in part to the immersive experience created by the show’s technical aspects. Central to this was the stage lighting, meticulously designed by Richard Pike, whose expertise transformed the Epsom Playhouse into a realm of emotions, perfectly complementing the narrative and musical scores.

Pike’s collaboration with STLS for stage lighting hire, particularly the choice of Ayrton Mistrals, was a strategic move that brought the visual storytelling of “Hairspray” to life. The selection of lighting equipment was instrumental in creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere.

The impact of the stage lighting was most evident in key musical numbers, where Pike’s designs worked in harmony with the choreography and music to create captivating moments. For instance, the iconic “You Can’t Stop the Beat” finale was fantastic, with the stage lighting hire from STLS.

The success of this production was not solely due to the performers or the direction but also to the unseen heroes behind the scenes, like Richard Pike and the support from STLS through their stage lighting hire, specifically the Ayrton Mistrals.

Epsom playhouse

Additional Staging Equipment

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