Live Streaming Events: Tips & Tricks for Success


Are you trying to expand the reach of your event whilst saving costs and engaging your guests?

Live streaming enables events to reach a global audience without hiring big venues.

Fortunately, with the knowledge and a professional team, live streaming at your event can be simple.

At STLS, having live-streamed events for over 10 years, we can provide you with all the tips and tricks to make your event a live-streaming success.

Why Live Stream Your Event

Expand Reach: Whether a local event or a large-scale conference, live streaming makes your event accessible to anyone with an internet connection, meaning your event could involve guests from around the world.

Audience Engagement: Tools like interactive polls, live Q&A sessions, and real-time chat features allow viewers to participate actively and stay engaged with the event.

Cost-Effectiveness: Live streaming removes the need for large venues and reduces speakers’ and guests’ travel and accommodation expenses. These savings can be used to improve other event aspects or fund future projects.

Reusing Recordings: Recorded live streams can be used for marketing materials, online courses, or social media clips. This extends the life of your content and contributes to your SEO efforts, increasing your visibility and reach long after the event has ended.

A Guide To Successfully Live Streaming Your Event

Identify goals & intentions

Make sure you’re clear on your objectives and goals for the event. Whether it’s extending your reach, engaging your audience or determining the angle from which you want the live stream at a product launch, knowing your goals shapes the direction and design of your live stream and helps your team align their efforts so you can reach these targets successfully.

Plan your live stream

Understand your audience’s preferences, where they spend their time online, and what they expect from your event. This knowledge guides how you create your content and the choice of your streaming platform, as some people may find it easier to watch live streams on social media platforms like Instagram than others who may find streaming platforms like Twitch easier.

A detailed run-of-show document includes everything from the event’s schedule to specific instructions for speakers and technical cues. This is important at intimate events such as weddings and bar mitzvahs where capturing speeches and other special moments like the first dance is essential.

Choose Your Streaming Software & Equipment

Choosing streaming software and equipment that fits the needs of your event is important for a successful event. Features include ease of use, reliability, integration and the ability to analyse viewer engagement.

Recording camera

Choosing the right camera impacts the visual quality of your stream which at a corporate event could completely change what other people in the business industry think of your company. Options can range from data video cameras like the РТС-140 НD РТZ Саmеrа and smartphones to industry standard cameras such as the Panasonic HC-X2000E for events requiring more professional live streaming.

Capture card

A capture card like the Elgato Cam Link 4K converts the video signal from your camera into a format your computer can use in real time. Capture cards provide high-quality video input for your stream which is especially important at events such as concerts and festivals where guests pay for tickets and expect a professional stream where they can see clearly see their favourite artists.

Capture cards vary in resolution, frame rate capabilities, and connectivity options (USB, HDMI, etc.), and you should choose one that matches your camera’s output and meets your stream’s quality needs.


A good microphone is essential, as poor audio can impact guests’ experience at the event if they’re unable to hear any speakers or announcements. Options include headset microphones like Sennheiser’s mic, which offers comfort for speakers or handheld professional mics like Shure’s BETA 58A.

For events with multiple audio sources, audio mixers like AudioRack’s AR2412 or a Midas M32R live mixing desk allow you to balance levels, mix in music or effects, and guarantee clear, consistent sound throughout your live stream.

Lighting Setup

For professional-grade live streams, the versatility of softbox lights or LED lighting can significantly enhance your video quality. These lighting options allow for adjustments in brightness and temperature so you can achieve the perfect ambience. Additionally, be mindful of natural light changes throughout the day and adjust your setup to ensure consistent, high-quality visuals.

Do a dry run

Before your event’s live debut, a test run is needed to prevent any unexpected technical issues. Set up your streaming equipment as planned and conduct a full event rehearsal, as this is also the perfect time to see how your stream performs on various devices and at different internet speeds.

This tests the technical setup and ensures your team is well-coordinated and understands the cues and timing of different parts of the event. Feedback from this practice run can help you make necessary adjustments for your event to run smoothly.

Professional Live Streaming With STLS

At STLS, our professional equipment hire and live streaming services are designed to simplify this process, providing you with all the audio-visual solutions needed to broadcast your event. Whether you need high-quality cameras, clear audio, or professional lighting setups, our team and equipment can meet all your live streaming needs.

Contact our expert team today and find out more about how we can meet all your events live streaming and audio-visual equipment needs.