Portable Staging For Outdoor Events: A Complete Guide


Outdoor festivals and events, ranging from intimate weddings to music festivals, require thorough planning to make sure they leave a lasting impression on guests. An essential element in planning these events is choosing the best portable staging, a choice that significantly influences the overall experience.

The correct portable staging setup guarantees that all the audio, sound, and visual elements of your event enhance your attendees’ engagement and enjoyment. As outdoor staging experts, we’re here to make this decision easier for you with our complete guide to choosing the ideal portable staging for your event.

Things to Consider When Choosing Portable Staging for Outdoor Events

Your event’s staging setup can make a significant difference in the effectiveness and delivery of your event, so taking into account the performers’ needs, audience engagement, and how well the staging fits within your budget and venue is helpful.

Stage Size

Event staging should be robust enough to support the weight of any equipment and performance you intend to use it for. Review the stage’s size to allow enough space for artists and their setups and compatibility with sound and lighting setup, as these significantly affect the performance quality.

Audience Visibility

The stage must be selected with the audience in mind to keep them engaged throughout your event. Its height and positioning are important in making sure every attendee can see the performance, regardless of location, which will enhance their overall event experience.

Venue Size

Your venue may dictate the stage size and type needed for your event. Evaluate the available space, terrain, and expected audience size to choose a stage that fits well within any venue-specific challenges or limitations.

Choosing the Perfect Portable Stage For Outdoor Events

There are many different types of portable stages available to hire to meet your event’s needs, but when it comes to choosing the perfect portable stage, you’ll need to decide between the following features to make sure it’s a good fit:

Multi or Fixed Height Stages

Fixed-height stages are straightforward and suitable for events with the same performance types or when the audience is on level ground. Multi-height stages provide flexibility, allowing adjustments to accommodate different performance needs and enhance visibility for the audience, which is essential for events with various performance types or when dealing with uneven outdoor grounds.

Surface Finish

Non-slip surfaces are essential to prevent accidents, especially in outdoor conditions where weather can make surfaces slippery. Surfaces should also be durable and able to withstand the rigours of performance equipment and foot traffic.

Weatherproof and Corrosion-Resistant

Outdoor stages must withstand various weather conditions, from intense sun to rain. Weatherproof and corrosion-resistant materials guarantee the stage remains safe and functional throughout the event and for future use.

Transportation & Storage

Stages that disassemble into compact, manageable pieces allow more accessible storage and reduce transportation costs. Modular designs also allow for customisation, adapting the stage size and shape to fit different events.

Easy To Adjust

The ability to easily move and adjust staging at the event is necessary for dealing with unexpected challenges, such as uneven ground or last-minute changes in layout. Stages with integrated wheels or those designed for quick adjustment can save time and labour, ensuring the event setup goes smoothly.

STLS’ Portable Staging For Outdoor Events

Large-Sized Outdoor Events

Our stages for large outdoor events are designed to meet the diverse requirements of large outdoor events, including festivals and concerts. These stages enhance the visibility and interaction between performers and their audience, ensuring that every act, regardless of the size of the event, delivers a memorable experience.

portable staging for outdoor events

Integrating advanced sound and party effect lighting is easy with our large outdoor staging and rigging equipment, allowing you to concentrate on the event without technical issues. Our outdoor stages are made using weather-resistant materials capable of withstanding various outdoor conditions, so your event can go on no matter the weather. We can also provide projector screens for hire and special effects equipment for professional visual displays.

Medium-Sized Outdoor Events

We offer hire stages for medium-sized outdoor events that promise flexibility and intimacy, perfect for events such as live music, conferences, and schools.

portable staging for outdoor events 2

These professional stages can handle all sound and lighting requirements, from advanced sound systems to DJ equipment, ensuring your event equipment doesn’t overwhelm the space whilst still being easy to transport and assemble quickly.

Our stages can be customised for each medium-sized outdoor event, ensuring a perfect balance between providing enough space on stage and maintaining the intimate atmosphere essential for medium-scale events. We also offer additional stage add-ons, such as steps leading into the audience, tiered seating and disabled viewing platforms.

Small-Sized Outdoor Events

We also have a range of small outdoor stages for hire, providing intimate and versatile staging solutions for events, including weddings, award ceremonies and bar mitzvahs.

portable staging for outdoor events small

Our small outdoor stages are lightweight, making them easy to transport and build, even in the most unique and limited spaces.

Safety is a priority even for small events, so our stages can be made from various materials to provide a safe and stable platform. They can be designed to adjust to uneven outdoor terrains and fit into uniquely shaped spaces, ensuring stability and safety at all events.

For that extra special touch, we can also provide decorative outdoor lighting and video walls to set the scene for your event.

Hiring Outdoor Portable Staging With STLS

At STLS, we offer outdoor stages for hire to provide flexibility, durability, and ease of setup for any outdoor event. Our expert team ensures that each stage meets the highest quality, safety, and performance standards.

Additionally, we offer professional packages that include other essential staging equipment

such as stage lighting, sound, event power solutions, and even a specialist crew to manage and run your event’s stage effectively.

Contact us today to discuss your event requirements, and let us help you create an unforgettable outdoor event.