Bubble Machine Hire



Just hit the switch and step back! This Bubble Machine quickly fills a small space in the air with countless bubbles – it just doesn’t get any more fun than this! Great for House parties and kids Parties. If your looking for a large machine for large events click here for our large bubble machine hire

(Bubble Fluid Not Included However We Can Provide At Small Cost) 

  • Portable & durable – light weight metal case and durable construction makes it convenient both for indoor and outdoor activities including kids parties, weddings, discos, and much more.
  • Large & adjustable – large and yet easy-to-move with a solid adjustable handle.
  • Quiet & compact – a compact design and quiet motor that’s easy to refill and simple to switch on and off.
  • Impressive bubbles – 18-22 rotations per minute to create thousands of bubbles with just a simple touch of a switch.
  • Easy to maintain – this bubble machine can be easily and effectively maintained just with regular cleaning.
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