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Speaker Hire Near Me Surrey

Speaker hire near me Surrey – When you’re an upstart a speaker hire company that not only offers the loudest portable speakers hire, but the most affordable speakers to hire on the market too, it helps to know a thing or two about acoustics.

So, before we kick you over to our kick-ass collection of martin audio speakers, here are five random facts for all of our fellow accoustithusiasts out there about our speaker hire near me in Surrey:

1. Music at a rock concert does cause temporary hearing loss, but NOT permanent damage.

A human’s threshold for audible pain is 140 dB which is why, in most cases, music at a rock concert can hurt a little (even if you’re not close to the speakers). In fact, persistent exposure to speakers at 90 dB or more has proven to cause progressive hearing loss.

For comparison, conversations typically measure 70 dB; a chainsaw is 110 dB; a rock concert is 140 dB; and a rocket engine is 180 dB (for all of you rocket scientists).

2. The human ear is most sensitive to sound that falls between the 1000 Hz and 5000 Hz range.

This range actually lessens over time because as we get older, the hairs in our inner ear wear out over time. Hmm . . . potential product opp for Rogaine out there?

3. Frequencies above 20,000 Hz are too high to be heard by humans.
Ultrasonic frequencies, as they are better known, can be heard by some animals, though, including dogs and cats.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, frequencies below 20 Hz are too low to be heard by humans, though children are better able to hear lower frequency sounds than their grown-up counterparts, especially when it comes to subtle sounds like, say, the humming of lights.

4. Ringing in the ears means you’re listening to something that’s too loud.

As much as this pains us to say, as we are an enthusiast of crank it till you feel the seat vibrate acoustics, ringing in the ears, or tinnitus as the doctors are calling it these days, comes from damage to the microscopic ending of the hearing nerve in the inner ear.

So, next time Moves Like Jagger comes on with one of our speaker hires in Surrey, you might want to keep it on the low folks.

Keep it on the real, real low.

5. Sound waves cause variation in air pressure in the ear.

Pretty cool, right we think so too? Sound waves actually exert variations in pressure on the ear, but when exposed to a really loud sound, the amount of air pressure built up can be intense enough to cause permanently damage the ear and cause complete hearing loss.

Check out our Electro voice speaker hire and packaged portable speakers: they won’t bust your ear, but they’re still loud enough for you to bust a move to.

Speaker Hire Facts 

  • The most common type of speakers that we use, uses a cone that is attached to an electromagnet, which responds to an electrical signal, causing the cone to vibrate and produce sound.
  • Many different types of speakers hires  have been produced over the years, including horn, electrostatic, magnetostrictive, bending wave, flat panel, plasma arc and digital loudspeakers.
  • All our speaker to hire are usually housed in a type of box, so the sound waves at the back and the sound waves at the front don’t interfere with each other and negatively affect the sound quality.
  • our speaker hires often have different drivers to reproduce different frequencies of sound, and these are called ‘woofers’, ‘sub woofers’, ‘tweeters’, ‘supertweeters’ and ‘mid-range speakers’.
  • Loudspeaker cones or diaphragms are usually made from paper, polypropylene or aluminium, or a combination of these materials.
  • Loudspeakers are also known as ‘speakers’ and they convert and project sound in response to an electric signal.
  • Loudspeakers are found in most radios, music players and TV receivers, and can be also found in many other electrical devices that produce sound.
  • In 1861, Johann Philipp Reis put a loudspeaker in his telephone, and in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell gained a patent for a loudspeaker as part of his telephone, and Ernst Siemens, a German, patented an improved loudspeaker in 1877.
  • Speaker hires can be either wired using audio cables, or wireless with the speaker transmitting sound via radio signals.
  • The position of a loudspeaker in a room, as well as the position of the person, the size of the room, and how sound absorbing the room is, all affect the sound quality coming from the speaker.

Why Choose us for speaker rental near me ?

Well here at STLS events we pride ourselves in being number one for speaker hire across London and Surrey with one of the largest selection of fantastic speakers, we know that your event needs to go smoothly without a glitch. We can provide radio microphones along with the speakers for if your having an event that requiers speech.  We recommend our martin audio DD6 speakers for events such as awards night or a small room as they sound amazing but are small so dont look offensive. We can offer the right package for your event including what size or even look of speakers you want, for instance in a nightclub setting some of our customers like the look of big loud speakers however a wedding wouldn’t want something too offensive.

Contact one of our team today to find out how we can help you to plan, prep and set up your event, you can contact us via phone or email on our contact us page here. We also offer delivery round London & Surrey, we can provide delivery acoss the uk if needed to and provide event crew.

Have you checked out our range of moving lighting, stage hire, speaker hire, power hire and more.

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