Festoon Lighting Hire London & Surrey

Create magical walkways or highlight key areas at your event with our festoon lighting to hire. Available in a variety of lengths, with the option of coloured lamps including white, red, blue, purple or mix the colours, our range of festoon lights to hire in are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

We offer both LED style and classic glass festoon lights for hire and the bulbs and cables are waterproof and fully IP rated. We’ll give you a few spare bulbs, just in case! We can also supply a dimmer so you can set the lamps at a brightness that your happy with.

Our festoon lighting for hire comes on rubber black cable in 10m segments with a few options for spacing them.

Wedding Festoon Lighting Hire

Hire wedding festoon lighting to brighten up your outdoor wedding by stringing them between the trees, or use Shepherds Hook Poles to drape them around the room at an indoor wedding.

A beautiful addition to weddings, proms, garden parties, you can use festoon lights to brighten up trees, marquees, pathways and more. They are ideal for wrapping round trees and illuminating your garden, hanging from rooftops or as street decoration.

Festoon Light Hire in London & Surrey

At STLS Events, we have one of the largest stock of festoon lighting to rent in London! We offer professional festoon lighting hire for events, festivals, weddings, and street parties across the UK, including London & Surrey. All of our festoons can be used indoors & outdoors and come in a variety of lengths and spaces. We also offer LED Uplighting, Fairy lights, Sound Systems, and Stage hire. You can either collect the equipment yourself in person and save any transport charges, or benefit from our regional-wide transport service which is both affordable and efficient.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Take a look at our other lighting for hire or contact us now and we will be more than happy to help.

Festoon lights are a strings of light bulbs that are hung typically between poles, posts, beams or trees. You often see them at the beach or at fairgrounds, however, in recent years they have become a popular solution for lighting up all kinds of events.

Festoon lights are typically used to light up or decorate indoor and outdoor spaces. They can be hired with dedicated poles to hang them from so you can use them wherever you want, or be hung from stable poles or beams at your event to brighten up specific areas. They are often used for outdoor events, such as festivals and concerts.

You can find more festoon lighting ideas on our blog.

You can hire festoon lights as mains-powered, solar-powered or battery-powered, however, we find that mains-powered festoon lighting works best to ensure you have adequate power to light up your event.

The amount of festoon lighting you need for a wedding depends on the size of your venue, if it is outside or inside, and what other light sources you have.

We provide festoon lighting in 10m sections so you can hire as little or as much as you wish. We find this works well as you’re not tied to long lengths of lighting that you don’t need for your space.