Live Streaming Equipment Hire For Events

Live streaming is an invaluable tool for expanding the audience of any event, from corporate conferences to music festivals. Our state-of-the-art streaming equipment ensures high-quality live streaming and real-time interaction for your guests.

High-Quality Video Cameras

Using professional-grade cameras can dramatically improve the visual quality of your live stream. Crisp, clear images keep your audience engaged, ensuring your event’s important moments are captured with detail and clarity.

Robust Action Cameras

Action cameras are perfect for adding dynamic, high-energy shots to your live stream. Their compact size and durability allow for creative placement and perspectives, making your broadcast more engaging and lively.

Professional Monitoring Screens

Reliable monitoring is essential for any live event. With professional screens, your production team can oversee every aspect of the live stream in real-time, ensuring a smooth and seamless broadcast from start to finish.

Versatile Switchers

Live stream switchers are essential for a multi-camera broadcast, allowing seamless transitions between shots and angles. This versatility ensures that viewers get a thorough and immersive experience of your event.

Stream With Any Camera

Cam links turn any camera into a live-streaming powerhouse, offering flexibility in camera choice and the ability to record footage directly to your computer. You can use high-quality live-stream cameras to ensure your broadcast quality stands out and save the hassle of transferring files.

Live Video Streaming Equipment Hire In London & Surrey

Ready to broadcast your event online? STLS offers all the equipment for high-quality live streaming, providing you with the equipment and expertise to ensure your live event reaches your audience, no matter where they might be.

Our expert team also specialise in bringing your events to life online, making the digital broadcasting of your event straightforward, stress-free and effective. We work closely with you to tailor a live-streaming solution for your event’s unique requirements. From planning to execution, we handle all the technical aspects to deliver your event’s message effectively.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can meet your live-streaming equipment needs.