Sound Systems to Hire

STLS offers a vast range of sound systems for hire, designed to cater to many events and purposes. Our sound system packages include everything from set-ups ideal for small gatherings to advanced systems for large-scale events. Each package offers user-friendly features and the best sound quality, ensuring that regardless of your event’s size or type, we have the perfect sound system to meet your needs.

Sound Systems for Events

Conferences and Meetings

Our sound systems for conferences and meetings ensure clarity and audibility, which are essential for effective communication. We provide seamless audio delivery for these professional settings with options ranging from wireless microphones to speaker set-ups.

Weddings and Celebrations

Our sound systems create an immersive experience for weddings and celebrations. Whether for speeches or music, our equipment delivers rich, high-fidelity sound that complements the atmosphere of these special occasions.

Outdoor Events and Festivals

Our robust, weather-resistant sound systems are perfect for outdoor events and festivals. They offer powerful sound projection and durability, ensuring your event’s success regardless of the weather conditions.

Product Launches and Brand Events

Our sound systems provide the impact necessary for product launches and brand events to captivate audiences. They enhance the sound for presentations and demonstrations, ensuring your product or brand message is heard clearly.

Sound System Hire in London & Surrey

At STLS, we provide a wide range of high-quality sound systems to hire in London & Surrey with personalised service to smooth your event planning process.

Our easy quote process ensures you find the right equipment for your needs, contact us for a tailored quote to ensure your event benefits from our expertise and top-quality sound system solutions.


Absolutely! We provide thorough support when you hire our sound systems,  including set-up and technical guidance, to ensure your event runs smoothly.

While our primary service areas are London and Surrey, we’re open to assisting with events in other locations. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

We offer many different products to complement your hired sound system. From lighting and video screens to complete event production services, contact us and let our knowledgeable team find the best set-up for you.