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Di Box Hire

STLS’ microphoe and di box hire services are designed to meet the diverse needs of event organisers. A di box, or direct input box, balances and enhances audio signals for live and studio environments. We offer a range of microphones and di boxes from top brands like Shure, AKG, Interspace, and BSS, each catering to different event requirements. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or a large-scale event, our microphones and di boxes ensure your sound is crystal clear and free of noise and interference.

Microphone and Di Boxes for Events

Microphones and Di boxes are indispensable for a variety of events. Here’s how they’re used across different scenarios:

  • Conferences and Summits: For speaking events, di boxes ensure that microphones and other audio sources connect seamlessly to the PA system, delivering clear, audible speech.
  • Musical Performances and Festivals: They connect instruments to the sound system, ensuring a balanced, distortion-free audio output.
  • Corporate Events and Product Launches: In these settings, di boxes help in interfacing laptops and media players with the event’s audio system, ensuring smooth, professional presentations.

The brands we offer, like Shure and AKG, provide di boxes that are user-friendly and versatile, suitable for various industries and events. They feature advanced technical capabilities, ensuring that regardless of your event’s scale or complexity, your audio needs are comprehensively met.

Di Box Hire in London & Surrey

Choosing STLS for your microphone and di box hire in London & Surrey offers numerous advantages. Our commitment to providing high quality equipment, backed by expert guidance and support, ensures your event’s audio requirements are flawlessly met. We offer an easy quote process and encourage you to contact us for a customised solution that aligns with your specific event needs. Our goal is to make your event’s audio setup hassle-free and of the highest quality.

Di boxes are versatile and can be used for conferences, musical events, corporate functions, and more.

Consider the type of audio sources you’ll be using and the scale of your event. Our team can help guide you to the perfect choice.

We offer a range from trusted brands like Shure, AKG, Interspace, and BSS.

Absolutely. We provide full support from setup to operation, ensuring your event runs smoothly.

Yes, while we are based in Surrey, we cater to events across the UK.

Contact us with your event details, and we’ll provide a tailored quote that fits your specific needs.