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Passive Professional Speakers to Hire

Looking for great sound for your event? STLS has what you need with our range of passive speakers. These are professional speakers made for clear and strong audio at events like festivals, theaters, and big weddings.

Why pick passive speakers? They give you more control because they need an external amplifier. This lets you fine-tune the sound to fit your event. Our team at STLS can even help you set up a system that’s simple to use.

Here at STLS, we have a wide range of passive speakers, from Blacklines to Subwoofers. Each model has its own special features, so you can find the right professional speakers that are fit for your needs.

For bigger events or venues, passive speakers offer the extra power and flexibility you might need. While active speakers work well for smaller events, passive speakers are better suited for larger setups.

Want to make your event sound great? Contact the team at STLS today. We know a lot about sound and can help you pick the best system for you.

Yes, if you have passive speakers, you’ll need an amplifier to make them work. Our tech team can create a custom setup of professional speakers to make it easy for you to use.