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Rental Speakers in London & Surrey

STLS Events has got you covered with our selection of active and passive rental speakers. These speakers are perfect for delivering clear and powerful audio at events like conferences.

We offer a variety of active speakers, from compact models to powerful units. Each type has unique features so you can find the right speakers for your event. We specialise in high-end loudspeaker hire, so we only use brands we think offer high quality and clarity for all of our rental speakers, like Stuidomaster and Electro-Voice.

Additionally, we can provide delivery and setup services in London, Surrey and other areas of the UK to help support your rental speaker hire.

Ready to make your event sound amazing? At STLS, we’re sound experts, so if you’re unsure on what speakers you need to hire for your event, we can help you find the best system for your needs. Reach out to our team at STLS today for a quote.

Active speakers have a built-in amplifier and can be plugged directly into a power outlet. They are easier to set up and usually more compact, saving space.

Passive speakers need an external amplifier to work and don’t have their own power source. They offer more flexibility in mixing and matching components for a custom sound setup.

Both types of professional speakers can provide good sound quality. While passive speakers offer more control for larger setups, active speakers are convenient for smaller events because they’re easier to set up and manage.

If you hire passive speakers, you will need an amplifier. If you’re unsure about which amplifier you need, our team can create a custom setup and speaker hire package to suit your needs.