Hire a Mirror Ball in London & Surrey and instantly transform your event space into a 70’s-themed Disco dance party. A Mirror Ball is the perfect addition to any Party, filming or wedding event.

Simply suspend the Mirror Ball (also referred to as a Disco Ball) above your dance floor area and point a light directly at it to create a retro, disco-themed atmosphere.

We’ve made it simple and easy to pick-up, set-up and use a Disco/Mirror Ball in London, Surrey and delivery nationwide.

Simply Choose:

  • Which size Mirror Ball you need
  • Optional add-ons (Mirror Ball Motor or Pin Spot Light)
  • Local Pick up or Delivery & Set up

Spin or not spin – It can be easier to install a mirror ball without a motor and the effect can be just as good. Adding a motor simply adds the effect of moving as opposed to static spots of light on the room’s walls. The choice is yours. The bigger the ball the larger and heavier the motor.

  • Up to 30cm Mirror Ball – Battery Powered Mirror Ball Motor
  • Up to 60cm Mirror Ball – Standard Mirror Ball Motor
  • Up to 100cm Mirror Ball – Heavy Duty Mirror Ball Motor

Lighting up – Lighting up the mirror ball obviously lights up the ball but it also gives the effect of the “light spots” on the walls. This is achieved by using mirror ball pin spot lights. These shoot a narrow focussed beam of light onto the ball concentrating the light onto the ball and not having it “spill” all over the room.

To achieve an even spot effect on all 4 walls a set of 4 Pin spot lights is needed (link). Each light has a number of setting you may choose from. A single set colour, slow colour fade from one colour to another or sound activated colour change.

For Mirror balls 75 cm and up a high power profile light is recommended (link profile)

Regardless of ball size hanging a mirror ball and motor can be difficult. Ensure you have enough time and a ladder to install it safely. We also have mirror ball stands if you do not have a hanging point

Battery Powered Mirror Ball Motor:
Suitable for hanging balls up to 2kg and 30cm in weight this motor can installed relatively easily, fastened to any secure fixing point with the supplied chain and carabiner (snap hook).

It should only be undertaken by someone who is “handy” with repair and maintenance around the home. A ladder is a necessity for safe installation.

Mirror Ball Motor Hire:
The Mirror Ball Motor hire is suitable for hanging and rotating Mirror Balls or other decorations up to a weight of 10kg. It revolves at 2 revolutions per minute therefore making it suitable for large objects.

To hang the motor a secure point is required. It is supplied with a length of chain and carabiner (snap hook) that is attached to the motor. This chain may be fastened over a beam or hooked onto a point that can support a weight of approximately 20kg.

Setting up a disco mirror ball is not difficult but also not easy and should only be undertaken by someone who is “handy” with repair and maintenance around the home. A ladder is a necessity for safe installation. A power extension also needs to be run to the motor which needs to be taken into consideration when deciding where to install the motor.

Note: Do not use the motor as a fixing point for the power cable, secure it to a point separate to the motor.

Heavy Duty Mirror Ball Motor: 

The Heavy Duty Mirror Ball Motor is a heavy duty mirror ball motor suitable for hanging mirror balls up to 100cm in size and 40kg in weight. Revolving at approximately 1-2 revolutions per minute it is suitable for large objects.

Installation of this motor and accompanying ball should only be undertaken by a professional installer. The motor is supplied with two 50mm couplers allowing attachment to a 50mm lighting bar.

What size disco mirror ball do I need?

30cm: Lounge rooms with ceiling heights of about 2.6 meters
40cm: Larger rooms, Function halls, Patios with ceiling heights 3-4 meters

Ranging from 1kg up to 30kg, a mirror ball can be very heavy and require a professional technician to install. Smaller balls of up to 50cm in weight can be installed by a “handy person” and the necessary secure hanging point.

Mirror Balls are sometimes referred to as Disco Balls and Glitter Balls 🙂


The easy answer to where to hire a mirror ball is us! STLS provides a fantastic stock of mirror balls and can offer great advice on size and lighting to use with it.

We can help you choose the perfect mirror ball size for your event or wedding. STLS has a large selection available to hire.

A mirror ball is a round ball shape with normally 10 x 10mm glass facets. If you shine a spot light off a mirror ball you will get thousands of dots reflected off the mirror ball to create an amazing lighting effect.