Snow Machine Hire

Want To Make it Snow?

If you long for the snow in the summer, the Christmas period has provided nothing but rain, or you want a winter wonderland theme for your event, then our snow machine hire might be just the option for you.

Our large and small snow machines to rent can either be mounted at floor level for a blanket of ground cover or fixed to truss or lightning bar to deliver a delightful snowfall over the guests, projecting a curtain of snow up to six metres away.

Creating stunning snowflakes using a special foam fluid, the snowflakes delivered by the snow machine are of consistent size and shape. The flake size is easily and accurately adjustable, from large down to an almost powder snow size.

Our foam snow is self-clearing and will slowly melt away after contact with any surface. The rapid rate of evaporation makes it suitable for close up camera work where the snow appears to melt.

In addition the snow fluid is biodegradable, non-toxic, non-staining and dermatologically tested, making it safe for your guests.

Our snow machines will hold up a good amount of fluid in its reservoir, enough for approximately 50 minutes of fine snow and 10-20 minutes of large snowflakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a snow machine work?

snow machine hire can be one of two types: the lance snow gun and the fan snow gun. Pictured on this page is a fan snow gun, which looks something like a giant hairdryer with a fan in the middle and an outlet ringed by metal teeth.

Most of the teeth are tiny nozzles that spray fine droplets of water. Nestled among them are nozzles that work as nucleators.

Just as with natural snow, the water droplets sprayed by a snow machine need some help from a particle to initiate the freezing process. But instead of spitting out dust or pollen, the mechanical nucleators make tiny ice particles to do the job.

Compressed air is shot up through the nozzle, where it meets water and splits it into tiny droplets.

The sudden loss of pressure robs the system of heat, rapidly cooling the water to form a tiny ice pellet – a snow “seed”.

The giant fan now propels these seeds into the air alongside the fine mist of water droplets. As the droplets encounter the seed, they stick to it and begin to freeze.

*It is worth noting that, when in use, the machine makes a noise comparable to that of a vacuum cleaner.

Our snow machines are top of the line and guaranteed to provide plenty of fluffy, white fun for all ages. And if you’re worried about the mess, don’t be – these are easy to clean so you can enjoy the snow without any worries. So what are you waiting for? Contact STLS today and let them help you make your next event a truly magical one!

We look forward to hearing from you.