Event Screens for Hire

At STLS, we offer a diverse range of event screens for hire, tailored to suit a variety of functions. When you hire fast fold screens, you’re selecting a versatile and visually impactful solution for your event. These screens display crisp, clear images and videos, perfect for anything from presentations to lively festivals. Our range includes various sizes and specifications, ensuring we have the right screen for your needs and enhancing your event’s visual experience.

Fast Fold Screens for Events

Fast fold screens have become a staple for numerous event types due to their flexibility and ease of use. All of our fast fold screens are selected for their technical excellence, user-friendliness, and adaptability, ensuring they meet all the requirements of your events.

Conferences and Corporate Events

Fast fold screens provide a professional backdrop for corporate events and conferences, displaying presentations and video content with clear quality and impact.

Award Ceremonies and Galas

During award ceremonies and galas, these screens serve as the centrepiece, showcasing nominees and announcements, adding a touch of glamour to the evening.

Outdoor Events and Festivals

Folding screens offer durable performance for outdoor events and festivals, ensuring visibility even in bright conditions.

Fast Fold Screen Hire in London & Surrey

Choosing STLS for your fast fold screen hire in London and Surrey offers many advantages for event planners. We provide a complete service that includes consultation, setup, and support. Our team ensures a seamless hiring process, from getting a quote to the final execution of your event. We take pride in offering the best quality screens coupled with our expert guidance, making your event successful and memorable.


Our fast fold screens are ideal for conferences, award ceremonies, product launches, and outdoor events, offering versatility and high-quality visuals.

Our knowledgeable team will guide you based on your event’s size, venue, and specific requirements, ensuring the perfect fit for your needs.

We offer thorough after-hire support, including technical assistance and equipment troubleshooting, ensuring your event runs smoothly.

Yes, while we are based in London and Surrey, our services extend beyond these areas. Contact us for more information regarding your event location.