Birthdays, proms, Bar-mitzvahs, weddings, exhibitions, product launches, Christmas parties; events are so varied and so wide-ranging in what they encompass and require these days. What do they all have in common? They all need lighting of course! We are STLS Events, we are an events lighting hire company here to supply the surrounding areas of London and Surrey. We stock all kinds of lighting, from your basic spotlight all the way up to the fanciest most innovate advances in LED lighting. Come to us for all your event illumination requirements!

Why Should You Get Professional Lighting for Your Event?

The importance of professional lighting at a big an event is massively underrated, and very often under-resourced or added as an afterthought. We think this is mad, as we are so passionate about event lighting, and know what an enormous impact it makes on the success of any event.

In an entrance hall, up-lighting will create contouring and drama, welcoming your guests and making the occasion feel much grander. In an outdoor area designated for chatting drinking and relaxation, lighting is essential to create a soft and inviting atmosphere (especially if it’s a bit chilly!). on the dancefloor lighting is a no-brainer, but nothing will excite a prospective dancer more than the sight of a laser cutting through a dry ice or a glimmering mirror ball showering the room with dappled light. Effective stage lighting hire needn’t be complex or massively expensive, but it is essential to create atmosphere and a sense of occasion. The harsh white light of the buildings domestic strip lighting will just not do for a party!

What Event Lighting Options Do We Offer?

We have so many exciting options for event lighting hire – London and Surrey. It is highly likely that whatever picture you have drawn up in your imagination about what lighting you will need to execute your vision will be in our warehouse waiting for your call! However, if we don’t have what you need, we will certainly know where to go to get it. So, whatever lighting equipment it is you need, we have you covered.

Fairy Light Hire:

Black and White LED Fairy Lights. These will be familiar to you, just like the string of lights you would use at Christmas. However, ours are waterproof, IP rated, connectable and come in 10m lengths as standard.

Drape and Fairy Light Hire. We have an option to create drapes encrusted with fairy lights. These are used to soften a space and bring the ceiling down which makes everything a bit softer and more intimate.

Fairy Light Canopy Hire. We can even come along and create a whole canopy to fairy lights for you, creating a sky of twinkling lights that will give your event that fantasy feel.

Party Light Hire:

Martin Rush Wizard. This disco light is as cool as it sounds. It is capable of strobe and pulse lighting, can shoot out lasers and has a gobo function to project any picture or message you like.

LED Neutron 2 Party Light Hire. This is the perfect modern centrepiece lighting unit for a dancefloor. It has a rotating mirror inside which means it can shoot out an array of beams, movements, colours and effects. A cool upgrade to the mirror ball.

Festoon Lighting Hire:

Festoon Lighting. This kind of lighting refers to bulbs on a single line suspended just above head height. This lighting is generally used outdoors and is draped between poles or stands. Our festoon lighting is available with a 0.5m or 1m spacing between the bulbs and is an extremely popular way to create ambience.

Shepherds Hook Pole. If you have nothing to hang your lighting on, then this pole is just what you need. Stylish yet folksy, it suspends your festoons at just over 2m tall.

All of the above lighting is available for hire in London and Surrey. But it is a merry taste of what STLS has to offer. Take a look at our full range HERE.

How Does Lighting Hire Work?

Unlike the way in which we hire most things now, you do not simply order it online or collect your order from a lighting shop without much interaction, interest or advice from anyone. Our hire service also comes with excellent customer service and a healthy dose of expertise and advice.

When our event hire company, London and Surrey, take your order we work with you determine whether you are getting exactly what you need. We look at the requirements of your event and love to chime in with any suggestions for your event’s lighting requirements that might make it look even better. We work to budgets, making sure you get great value for money.

When your hire equipment arrives, it will be in mint condition, perfect working order and completely up to date on its PAT testing. Our team will also be on hand, should you require it, to help you to set up and offer any advice about lighting operation that you may need. Our lighting team is also available for hire throughout the event to operate any equipment you may have hired.

What Is the Cost of Events Lighting?

It’s best to seek bespoke advice on this subject. Our clients very often think they want one thing, but after talking to us realise that what they want is not only really pricey but also not appropriate for their needs. After advice, they find that a cheaper option does their event complete justice, without spending money on lighting units they didn’t need to splash out on. Our event lighting hire Surrey are on hand to get you the best prices possible.

For example, premium searchlights bring a lot of glamour and impact to an event. They can make the whole event seem very ‘Hollywood’. However, they are enormous, their reach is extremely far, and they cost around £160.00 per day to hire. A spotlight or beam moving head light not only does the same job for a fraction of the price, but it also has a stack of different features such as colour change, gobo capabilities and motorised focus.

The best thing to do when thinking about event lighting is to get a concept together and give us a call. We can talk about your needs and get you a great quote together: Contact Us

Lighting Ideas

Get creative! We love creative lighting design ideas. Not only does this mean that we have a challenge and something exciting to work on, it also means we can pass on your whimsical lighting ideas to all our other customers throughout London and Surrey.

Whether its up-lighting the drinks bottles on your bar, creating tables that light up, giant LED letters spelling out your name, cubes of fairy lights that you can step in to, LED chandeliers, lights in a jar, projections, silhouettes or a laser sculpture, we are excited to make it happen. If you think all of these ideas sound a bit far-fetched or impossible, or perhaps you just can visualise them, then take a look at this article! We encourage you to get inspired and think outside of the box when considering lighting hire for your next event.

STLS Lighting Hire London and Surrey look forward to bringing your event to life through the power of lighting someday soon!

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