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How Technology Has Changed

Events And Event Planning

Events and event planning Technology is changing the way event planners organize and execute events. We explore the
influence of technology in event planning and the changing role of event planners, the audience, and
even participants.

Technology for Event and Event Planning and Promotion

Internet and social media

Social media is the perfect tool for event planners, sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn makes it
easier to contact people like light and sound designers, speakers and even hosts while bypassing a
massive phone bill and extensive email lists. On social media, communication is quick and allows you
to keep contact with several people at once. Online tools like Google Hangout lets event planners
communicate with designers, caterers, speakers, and hosts in real-time. Geographical distance is not
an issue, and event planners can save time and money coordinating with others.

Expanding the audience

Event planners take advantage of technology to expand the audience of an event beyond
geographical boundaries. Technology like video conferencing and drones can be used to convey the
event to people who cannot be physically present at the event. For example, drone technology and
video conferencing can be used to transmit the event to people who are not present. Event planners
can take advantage of technology to extend coverage of events to people who can’t attend an event,
e.g. People who are disabled or elderly can be part of family events like weddings.

Promoting Online

Social media is not just about organizing an event, event planners use Facebook and Twitter to reach
out to people. By using social media in marketing, event planners can reduce their marketing costs
while still reaching out to a substantial audience. Marketers spend more than a billion dollars
advertising on social media, clear indication of how powerful social media is in marketing.

Mobile Technology

Event planners are looking to go paper free. Business events require documentation like reports and
itineraries. Going paper-free saves money and is more convenient for attendees. Event planners are
turning to mobile devices to go paperless. Event planners send documents directly to mobile devices.
Event planners send information about the event using mobile apps. Attendees receive vital
information quickly via an app compared to conventional communication methods.

Technology Changes How People Participate in The Event

The role of the audience has changed. The audience has gone from passively paying attention to
proceedings to being active participants. Speakers encourage the audience to tweet about the event
and post pictures online. Other speakers encourage people to ask them questions via text message
(this applies to business events).

Shift from large event & event planning for  events to smaller scale events


Event and event planning technology is seeing a shift in event scale. Events used to be large, impersonal occasions. Technology
is transforming large events into smaller occasions through data personalization. Data
personalization is the reason behind this phenomenon. Data is collected through beacon technology.
Beacon technology can track attendees through mobile devices. Event planners can use this
information to create smaller, more personalized events for attendees using the information
collected by beacon technology.
Technology is changing the way events are being organized. Event planners are taking advantage of
new technology to make event planning easier. Events are conducted differently due to technology.
Technology is changing audience-host relations. Changes to events represent a fantastic opportunity
for hosts, but you need the right event planner. SLTS Events is the leading event planner in the UK,
specializing in using the latest technology to create the perfect atmosphere using light and sound.
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