So, you’re planning an event. You are confident that everything has been seen to; the venue is lavishly decorated, you’ve hired the best furniture, you’ve got the best music, you’ve bought the best attire, and invited all the right people. But something is missing. The room atmosphere isn’t quite as electric as you had hoped, and all your hard work isn’t quite making the event pop. Did you scrimp on the lighting design?

Lighting is the icing on the cake. The very thing that will take your event from ‘quite pleasant’ to a memorable and jaw-dropping spectacle. It is easy to underestimate the need for professional lighting, and even if you do have a respect for its importance, most people aren’t quite sure where to start. The world of events and stage lighting hire is vast, the possibilities are almost endless! Luckily, our London and Surrey based stage and event lighting hire company have all the expertise to help you make your event lighting perfect. However, it can’t hurt to know a bit about event and stage lighting to get an idea of what you need before you get on the phone to us. Take a look at our quick guide to professional lighting for events.

How to Design Event Lighting

No two events are ever the same. Event lighting takes a lot of experience because of this very thing. People are throwing events that are more and more diverse and for more and more weird and wonderful reasons. Of course, people require lighting design for weddings, parties, socials, exhibitions and corporate situations, and that is just the usual stuff. Of course, venues are also becoming more diverse, it takes a bit of creative lighting design to know what to do with a tepee, a wide-open outdoor space or a crumbling old warehouse.

Having said all that, when thinking about what you actually want for your event, and to help us at STLS Lighting Hire to understand your vision, it helps to have a foundational understanding of lighting design.

Let start with the types of events lighting available and what they do. Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of where to start with your event lighting design. All of these are available through our event lighting hire London and our event lighting hire Surrey.



LED Up-lights Very popular in event lighting hire as they are perfect for creating mood and atmosphere. Great for softening an indoor space or lighting an outdoor space.
Disco Lights Disco lighting comprises of lighting rigs and units designed specifically to create movement and drama for dancefloors, club lighting and often stage lighting.
Fairy Lights Also very popular in events lighting design as they can be used to create a sense of magic and cover a vast amount of space with minimal equipment. Especially perfect for lighting weddings.
Festoon Lights Best used when lighting outdoor events. Creates ambiance and can extend the use of an outside space late into the night.
Moving Lights Moving lights create drama. These are really well places when lighting exhibitions, corporate and fashion events.
Flood Lights Floodlights are a foundational tool. They can create a lot of light in a large space, a good lighting source on which to build. Generally LED lighting.

How Much Is Event Lighting?

The costs for lighting events vary. Event lighting hire prices fluctuate so much because events themselves are an unknown quantity, no two are ever the same in size, concept or ambition. The price of lighting hire also depends on the company you go with, even so, the pricing brackets don’t vary too much. So here is a brief look at a rough estimate of event lighting costs.





Searchlights STI 3000 Approx. £160.00 Approx. £300.00
Halogen Floods 150w to 1000w £1.00 to £3.00 £3.00 to £7.00
Discharge Floods 150w to 400w £5.00 to £10.00 £15.00 to £30.00
LED Floods 10w to 100w £2.00 to £9.00 £6.00 to £26.00
Fluorescents N/A Approx. £2.00 Approx. £6.00
Festoon N/A £6.00 to £13.00 £18.00 to £39.00

How to Do Stage Lighting

Our stage lighting hire London has all the answers to your stage lighting needs. But what effect are you trying to achieve? If you are new to stage lighting design then start with these four main lighting considerations.




Even if the setting is not realistic, the lighting designer must make the lighting look as natural as possible and appropriate to the lighting of the situation. Interior stations, for example, need to feel like lighting is coming from lamps or chandeliers. This will not come across if you shine a harsh white light on to the stage.
Visibility This is the most obvious. Everyone on stage needs to be seen. If you often have a huge cast on stage, don’t opt for an abundance of spotlights in your lighting hire. Think about the mix of focussed and flooded lighting required.
Mood Lighting is part of the production’s story. Lighting is an instant message as to what the mood on stage is. So again, if the mood is dusky, don’t flood the stage with white light!

This is working with the set and the actors to light the right things at the right time and to enhance or dumb down elements of the picture on stage when needed.

Where to Hire Stage Lighting

STLS Events is the perfect place for stage lighting hire London and Surrey. We have a wide range of stage lighting available, including the very latest in stage lighting technology. Our technicians are highly experienced and highly trained in stage lighting design and come with a wealth of ideas and expertise. Every piece of our equipment is PAT tested.

How Much Does Stage Lighting Hire Cost?

Of course, lighting companies stage lighting hire varies hugely depending on your specific stage lighting needs. However, this chart will give you a rough idea of what kind of lighting costs you might need to be considering.





Profile Lights 650w to 750w £6.00 to £15.00 £7.00 to £18.00
Fresnel Lights 650w to 2000w £5.00 to £12.00 £7.00 to £15.00
Parcan Lights 300w to 2600w £5.00 to £36.00 £6.50 to £45.00
Flood Lights 500w to 2600w £5.00 to £25.00 £6.00 to £30.00
Moving Lights 100w to 700w £16.00 to £150.00 £24.00 to £225.00
LED Fixtures N/A £13.00 to £200.00 £18.00 to £300.00

What Are the Two Basic Categories of Stage Lighting?

Stage lighting essentially falls into two different categories. Deciding what category each moment of the production you are lighting falls into will be extremely helpful when it comes to putting together a list for stage lighting hire.

Washes: A wash refers to when you are trying to “wash” a wide area such as a stage with lighting. In general, this is used to give the playing area to which you Appling lighting tone, texture and colour. Think of wash lighting as a foundation in make-up. It can also be used to soften other lighting by adding softness and to fill in shadowy gaps of the stage.

Accenting: This is all about the detail. This is where spotlight lamps and lighting equipment that uses a directional beam. This is used to bring the audience’s attention to the action by highlighting the relevant characters and situations. It also helps to adjust focus, doing the job a camera would do in film or TV; softening the background by bringing sharpness to the foreground.

Why Use Stage Lighting Hire London?

Our lighting can total transform even the biggest, drabbest performance spaces into spectacles of theatre and entertainment. Our technicians work closely with the rest of your production team to collaborate and make your ideas come to life in the most effective way possible. As well as providing stage lighting hire we also provide special effects, truss hire and stage hire.

How Does Stage Lighting Work?

Stage lighting is the craft of using lighting to create mood, atmosphere, story and spectacle to productions of theatre, opera, dance, television and many other genres of live performance. Through the combination of LED lighting, halo lights, white lights, spotlight lamps and other lighting equipment, the lighting paints a picture on the canvas of the stage. This equipment sometimes belongs to an individual lighting designer but is generally obtained on mass by employing stage lighting hire services.

How to Choose LED Stage Lighting?

LED lighting is hugely popular these days. They don’t produce as much heat as their older counterparts, they produce considerably more light, they cost less to hire and in general demand much less power than stage lighting and event lighting used to do. But still, how do you go about picking the right unit for your lighting hire requirements? This opinion piece about which LED lights are best in stage lighting is a strong point in the right direction! The Ultimate LED Stage Lighting Guide

How Stage Lighting Hire Works?

The process of stage lighting hire is actually fairly simple. If you have a lighting design in mind, then it is even simpler. You need to plan your lighting rig and unit requirements well before you hire anything. If this is something you are stuck on, then Stage Lighting Hire London and Surrey will be only too happy to advise you on what to get. We know what equipment is best suited to your needs, and we will always try and provide you with the best possible lighting hire solution to fit your budget.

You can hire lighting on a daily or weekly basis. We will deliver your hire to the designated venue ourselves, along with technicians to help you unpack and even operate the lighting units you have ordered.

How to Use Stage Lighting for Events

Although stage lighting is not designed for events, there are many situations in which stage lighting is perfect for them. The lighting made for the stage is designed with drama and detail in mind, so if you are looking to add a showbiz element to your event or need some lighting that will really help draw attention to something, then stage lighting is the perfect kit for the job! Perhaps you have speeches or presentations at your event? In this case, a spotlight lamp is just the thing you need to make sure everyone is looking in the right direction. If you want to change the colour and mood of a room, then LED lights and washing techniques are what you need. There are many possibilities.

How Many Types of Stage Lighting Are There?

Stage lighting is a vast subject, but the types of lighting can quite easily be slotted into five different categories.



Floodlights These illuminate large areas of space. This function can also be carried out by floodlights, soft lamps, broad lights and fixed-focus lights.
Soft Lamps Mainly used to eliminate shadows on stage, to remove any harshness in light difference. Generally small and portable.
Broad Lights Small lights, usually with one lamp, used in small spaces and to fill in shadows without affecting the lighting state too much.
Fixed-Focus Lighting Covers a wide area with an even light.
Spotlights Projects focussed beams of light. Usually used to focus on subjects and add detail. LED lighting is particularly popular when executing this lighting function.

How Much Is It to Hire Lighting?

Events and stage lighting hire costs come down to what you need, and this can be very different from project to project. You can hire any basic profile light for as little as £7.00 a week, but then some of our best, most high-tech LED fixtures can cost as much as £200 to hire per week. If you have put together a rig or lighting design and have a strong idea of what you need, then why not get in touch with us for a quote?

What Else Can STLS Events Do for Me?

STLS are primarily a stage lighting hire company and events lighting hire company for London and Surrey. However, we also hire out the best sound and stage electrics equipment as well as staging and truss hire. Whatever the event or production you are planning, we have all of the equipment and expertise here for you to take advantage of. As well as having the equipment, we also have a team that can help with any technical or lighting query you might have. Whenever you hire from us we go above and beyond to make your experience with us incredible. We love being part of making your event one to remember, so whatever you need, remember to give STLS a call!

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