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Lighting hire is an underrated part of event planning because many do not realize just how important
lighting is in the success of an event. However, lighting is incredibly important because it converts a
bland venue into a bright, colourful place which is perfect for an event. To achieve this
transformation in atmosphere, an event planner must look at the different lighting devices and place
them in the right areas to achieve a specific event.
Types of Lights hire and their Effects
Spotlights are placed on the ceilings to hone in on a specific area. Spotlights are used to bring
attention to a single small space in the room. Spotlights are used to draw attention to a person or
object. These types of lights hire are particularly useful for events where there will be speakers on a
stage. Spotlights are used during special moments in an event like a speech. Colour is very important
for the effectiveness of lighting. The sage must have muted colours to be a contrast with the bright
colours of the spotlight.
Up lights are ground-based lights that can be used to light up specific features like posters, signs, and
banners. It is used to bring attention to certain points of the event. Uplights are excellent for business
events because they can be used to bring attention to a banner featuring the corporate logo.
Uplights are great from a design standpoint because these lights can vary or even direct an
audience’s attention to the desired object. Most uplights are battery powered, so event planners do
not have to worry about guests tripping over wires.
Gobos are lighting devices that illuminate a logo or picture. Gobos are made from pre-cut glass and
metal placed over a light. Gobos are mostly used as a decorative asset. Planners use Gobo lights to
add lighting decorations or color to the walls with light up patterns. However, Gobos must be used
carefully otherwise excessive use of the decoration leads to a cluttered wall.
Illuminated Bar
The illuminated bar as the name implies is a bar that lights up. It is often used to light up certain
areas like the bar.
The Purpose of Lighting
Lighting tells a story it helps create an atmosphere and build character. Most venues are rather bland
with only basic decoration. The right lighting decoration transforms a venue into the perfect
professional or festive atmosphere. Corporate events do not need the right atmosphere; you only
need the lighting to give a clear view of the stage. In the case of more festive events like concerts,
you need to provide a more festive venue. Clever use of lighting devices transforms a venue from a
bland, generic interior into a bright, colourful place.
How to use lightening effectively?
Event planners are responsible for sound and lighting design. Planners create a lighting plan that
forms the basis of the light design. The lighting plan covers everything from colour to equipment.
Event planners must visit the venue and examine key points where lights should be placed.
You must consult the best event planners to the best lighting plan. For premiere lighting and sound
design for live events consult SLTS Events. SLTS Events is the premier lighting and sound company
based in the heart of Surrey. SLTS Events specializes in sound and lighting hire with a particular
focus on sound and lighting equipment, event production and AV production. If you wish to take
advantage of our expertise, consider visiting us at the official website or call us at 02082246039.
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