Lighting ideas for your Christmas party

There’s no denying that Christmas is nearing and with the nights drawing in its customary to see the town lit in in festive cheer with an array of lights. Needless to say, you’ll want to get involved and throw your own party, but how can you compete with the festive aurora around you? Luckily, we’ve got you covered with options for every occasion.

The casual get together

This one will be your most common kind of festive soiree and generally one would assume you’ll have the lights to manage up in the attic. Your standard assortment of Christmas lights should suffice, but if you find your luminous ammunition lacking you could always go for some additional fairy lights. Nothing adds to the mood of an event better than wrapping your entire house in tiny lights as if it were one big Christmas tree, and if you don’t feel like hanging on to them afterwards, you could always rent.

Christmas disco

This is a slightly more dangerous affair entirely, your going to want enough light so people don’t spill their drink but not so much that you have to really see Uncle Dan’s dodgy jumper in all its glory. Enter the disco light, a spinning ball of luminous energy which should provide enough light to keep everyone dancing to Mariah Carey till Santa comes. Not everyone has a disco light in their arsenal, so if you’re stuck for ideas of what to get or where, see below.

The alfresco event

If you can brave the sub-arctic temperatures armed with nothing more than a bobble hat and mulled wine you may opt for the outdoor party. Sometimes there’s nothing more Christmassy than the twinkling of stars overhead. But in the likely event you can’t see any stars then you might have to make do with some artificial lighting. If you have enough space, then Festoon lighting can really add a festive feel to your party.

The Christmas do

This is the big one. Usually a combination of the lead up to Christmas and a birthday or anniversary, this gives you an excuse to pull out all the stops. This would generally result in hiring a venue, but you’re going to need a smorgasbord of lighting arrangements from the micro to the macro. Fortunately, there are those who can take care of it all for you, leaving you free to belt out Wham! with your nearest and dearest.



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