Lighting Your New Year’s Party

New year’s eve can catch you by surprise; you’ve just finished with Christmas, cleaned up and begrudgingly eaten 2 years’ worth of leftovers in about 5 days, and next thing you know it’s the 31st and you’re required to go out and celebrate.

You have two choices, either pull on your woolly hat and scarf to venture out, or you throw your own party and save the hassle of leaving the house for the first time in a week.

The calm affair

If you’re just having a casual together with a few friends or family then there’s no real reason to pull all the stops out. Your Christmas decorations should probably suffice in this scenario, so if you’re looking to throw this kind of get together, save yourself the hassle and leave them up after Christmas (no one will notice). If you really feel like you need to add something, then you could go for some extra fairy lights in an effort to preserve the festive spirit.

The shindig

This is one for the braver among us. As we all well know the new year’s party is a risky manoeuvre. If you’ve already committed to throwing the shindig of the century you may as well invest in some good lighting, so you can watch the party unfold in style. One of the best options you can go for is a moving light. It will effortlessly light the room and provide a certain disco-esque vibe while giving you the option of using it as a spotlight in the unlikely event any tries to nick your left-over Christmas pudding

The soirée

So maybe you’re not one for the traditional New Year’s Eve party. Perhaps you’ve seen the way events of that nature unfold and you want to add a certain level of class to the procedure. Replace the beers with champagne, tell guests you’ll be serving hors d’oeuvres while subtly hinting that there is a smart casual dress code to transform a party into the event of the year. But how are you going to add that final touch? You’ve bought the Moët, the miniature beef wellingtons are standing by and the vol-au-vents are awaiting consumption, but could your nearest and dearest see through this charade? If you correctly light the event it will all but convince your guests of your sudden and unprecedented climb up the social ladder. Mood lighting will be your answer here, subtle and yet noticeable to make sure that you exit 2017 in style





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