Sam Tullett

Owner of STLS Events. Sam has seen the company grow from strength to strength and is in charge of the overall running of the company. Sam has always had a huge passion for the production industry.

Richard Gaul 

Richard is a fantastic member of the team and has a passion for all things technical so is the go to guy when it comes to anything technical. He has been in and around STLS since the start and most cables on site Richard would of made ( and colour coded)

Pat Waugh

Pat can been seen doing a variety of tasks for us here at STLS from operating sound to patching dimmers on site. He is a strong member of the production team and has a huge knowledge in the hire and events industry. Pat is a real family man outside work and also enjoys setting off firework displays!

Lewis Seaman

Lewis is the newest member of the team and has taken on the role as our warehouse technician, he is in charge of all equipment going in and out of the warehouse. He also keeps up the maintenance on all of our equipment assuring the quilty of our equipment stays at the highest and is safe to use.

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