Picking the right sound system for your Christmas party

With Christmas fast approaching the inevitability that is the Christmas party is soon becoming a reality. You may have been working on a Christmas playlist for years, but you can you make your voice heard in a sea of carols and cheesy anthems? Fortunately, we’ve got some pointers to make your Christmas one to remember.

Christmas dance party

Nothing gets the festive spirit flowing better than your very own Christmas party, it’s time to dim the lights, whip out the mulled wine and let your dad moves do the talking. Depending on how many people you’re having over you may want to consider renting or borrowing a decent sound system. Most people’s Hi-fis aren’t designed to play clearly over the sounds of 50 people shouting ‘Merry Christmas’. If you’ve always fancied yourself as a bit of a DJ and wondered how the Pogues might sound mixed in with a bit of Frank Sinatra you could always rent yourself some DJ equipment, but please, proceed with caution.


Christmas karaoke

Maybe you’re not much of a DJ but (after a few drinks) you sure fancy yourself as a singer. Why not put this to the test and have your very own Karaoke kit available should the feeling hit you. You may regret it in the morning, but you will no doubt bring joyous memories to your friends and families for years to come.


The big Christmas do

It’s a week before Christmas and you’ve pulled out all the stops, you’ve rented out a nice space and put on a spread that St Nick himself would be proud. But your old speaker has blown and with hours to go before the big event it appears an evening of acapella carols is in order. No need to fret, however, there a wide range of speakers available for rent, so whether it’s a relatively modest affair or a party for the ages there will always be options available to you.




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