Sound hire and its Influence On Events

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Sound Hire and its Influence On Events

Summary: Whether it is a wedding or a business meeting, sound quality has a substantial impact on an event’s success. We explore the subtle, yet powerfu linfluence on mood by drawing on examples from the film and video game industry.

Sound is a crucial component of any event – failure to pay it due attention will mean that your event
will never reach its full potential.

Using sound effectively

Ambient sound is integral to an event’s success because it influences people’s emotions. To really
understand the effects that sound (and ambient sound in particular) has on people’s emotions, we
should turn our attention to the entertainment industry. Specifically, let’s look at video games and
films. Sound is a vital component of video games, despite games being typically considered a visual
Video game designers use sound to raise stress and awareness levels during key moments
of a game – this is particularly the case for horror games like Silent Hill, in which atmospheric noises
are integral to the overall experience.
Sound is used to similar effect in films. There are many studies on the techniques filmmakers use to
influence a viewer’s emotions. For example, in Jaws, a two-sound motif is used to project a sense of
foreboding and anticipation just before the shark attack.
In the Star Wars franchise, sound effects and music composition are used to convey excitement,
danger, and drama. Many writers have argued that sound is one of the main reasons why the original
Star Wars trilogy (1977-1985) was so successful. Film is a visual form of entertainment. However,
filmmakers know the importance of sound and the best way to use it.
Given the power of sound when it comes to influencing people’s feelings, it’s unsurprising that we
see it used to great effect in marketing and brand building. The founder of Man Made Music, Joel
Buckerman, stated that sound influences mood and choice. Sound triggers emotions and memories
in people. Realizing this, many companies like HBO have made concentrated efforts to incorporate
sound meaningfully into their company logo. When people see and hear a company brand logo, they
will get positive emotions when they think about the brand.
Why is this the case?
Research proves sound influences mood and feeling. Sound activates large areas in the brain relating
to limbic, motor and auditory systems. Music triggers the release dopamine in the brain, the
hormone that elicits good feelings. Music is even known to trigger our memory in a way that other
mediums cannot. Whenever people hear a song, they will remember moments from their life. Music
triggers vivid memories because it stimulates the prefrontal cortex of the brain responsible for
complex behaviours.
Filmmakers and businesses focus on sound because it influences people’s moods. Similarly, event
planners must also give a lot of thought to sound because the right sound setup is a key part of
​creating the right atmosphere for a successful event. An event can have great interior design and
lighting but if the sound isn’t right, the guests won’t be happy. Quality of equipment is important – if
your speakers are pushing out static or feedback noises, you’ll turn off your audience straight away.
A team of expert sound engineers is necessary to get the best sound quality. You need a professional
who knows the right equipment to use, and how to use it. Professional sound engineers know how
to tune and repair equipment. Professional sound services make the difference between a successful
event and a disaster. Hire SLTS events for the best sound for birthdays, fundraisers, wedding, family
gatherings, school reunions and work parties.
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