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Sound System Hire Surrey

Looking for sound system hire Surrey then you have come to the right place, specialising in professional sound system hire and speaker hire Surrey. STLS Events has been providing speaker rental and sound system hire across Surrey for over 10 years and has a fantastic reputation across London, ( if you don’t believe us, check out our google reviews).


Finding The Right Sound System Hire For You

Most posts on sound systems hires start out by explaining how the various types of speaker hires work, but in this one we are going to try to approach the subject from a different angle: looking at common types of act and venue, and then suggesting practical speaker rental solutions for them.

These sound system hire suggestions are based on the assumption that many of today’s musicians and DJs travel by car rather than by van, and that they’d therefore like to hire a sound system something as light and portable as possible that will still be able to do the job properly. Speaker systems hires have become more compact and more efficient over recent years in Surrey & London, with the introduction of technologies such as switching-mode power supplies and Class-D amplifiers. This means that our active speakers to hire can be made to weigh very little more than their passive equivalents, while still being more convenient to set up, as there’s less need for cabling. There’s another advantage to active speaker hire systems, in that suitable speaker protection can be, and usually is, built in.

A further advantage is that if each speaker to hire has its own amp, you can muddle along on one speaker hire if the other fails. However, some small sound system hires are based around two satellite speakers and a sub, where all the power amps are in the sub — so if the sub electronics fail, you lose your entire PA hire. This happened to me once while playing a small pub, but happily we were able to utilise the powered monitors as a substitute PA hire to get through the evening — it pays to always have a backup plan!

Need a Solo Speaker Hire In Surrey?

Where the solo artist relies entirely on an instrument such as guitar or electric piano for accompaniment, rather than on backing tracks, a combo amp designed for acoustic guitar is often perfectly adequate for smaller venues or small outside places in Surrey. Unlike electric guitars, which are made to impart their own sound system, acoustic amps are essentially miniature PA systems hire, intended to simply amplify the signal going into them. They almost invariably offer an XLR mic input in addition to the instrument input, and so are ideal for singer/songwriter types. The speaker system hires Surrey in such amps either use small full-range drivers or a driver teamed with a tweeter. They can all handle the vocal range perfectly adequately, and most also include some basic effects, such as reverb, making them good all-in-one solutions.

As long as they’re not set up too high from the ground, combos can be used behind the performer at a reasonable level before feedback becomes a problem. The majority also include a pole-mount socket, facilitating mounting on a speaker stand.


Speaker Hire In Surrey For Small Venues

Most of us have seen huge line-array speaker systems hanging above the stage at our favourite gigs, often laid out in a vertical curve to provide better coverage from the front of the venue to the back. But in the last few years, the design ideas behind these large systems have been scaled down and we offer that solution, and there’s a lot to be said for using compact line arrays at smaller gigs, not least because of their small physical size when used in conjunction with a separate sub.

A line array is, at heart, a vertical stack of drive units, not unlike the modern equivalent of the column speakers used back in the ’60s and ’70s. The key benefit of a line array is that stacking drivers near-vertically changes the dispersion pattern of the resulting sound. Even a relatively modest line array measuring a metre or so long can exhibit a very tightly controlled vertical dispersion (as little as one-third of the horizontal dispersion angle). In practical terms, this means more sound is thrown onto the audience and less onto the ceiling or floor. Their horizontal dispersion tends to remain fairly wide too, so the overall coverage might be imagined as being fan-shaped.

A lesser known benefit of such a tightly-controlled dispersion pattern is that the sound level remains more consistent as you move further back in the venue than it does from a standard speaker box containing a woofer and a horn. Your audience will thank you for this, as you can work with a manageable SPL at the front of the room where the audience is close to the speakers, yet still have enough sound reaching the rear.

Good examples of compact line arrays include HK’s Elements (10-inch subs plus columns of small-diameter mid/high drivers), the Fohhn Linea system (which uses a single separate tweeter, so bends the true line-array rules slightly), and LD’s recent VA4 and VA8 setups. Fishman also make one without a sub for acoustic guitar players and singers.

The small size of such systems can lead to the incorrect impression that compact line arrays are too small for use with a conventional band, but my own experiences have confirmed that not only can they hold their own against traditional ‘box’ systems, they can actually sound more natural over the vocal range and produce more even coverage in difficult venues. My own view is that for pub and club gigs, the compact line array is the future, although they have a limitation of which you need to be aware: while conventional boxes can be stacked in a number of ways to increase the power handling, a line array can only be made longer (taller) — you can’t put them side-by-side and still have them behave correctly. You can add more subs, of course, but the practical limit of, for example, the original Martin Audio, is around 8kW, using a line of 16 small drivers per side and eight 10-inch subs. (Just announced at the time of writing is a newer version that can accommodate up to 24 drivers per side in a stack of three eight-driver modules, in combination with their newly designed and more powerful 2 x 10-inch subs.)

Despite its appearance, the Electro voice you may have heard about isn’t designed as a traditional line array, as the drivers are angled to produce a very wide horizontal dispersion. I’ve attended practical tests against conventional line arrays set up to produce the same SPL at a given distance, where the Electro voice system sounded extremely good with very even coverage when the listener was reasonably close, but in a very large room the sound did drop away quite quickly with distance.

Sound system hire with Sub

You’ll find a range of passive and active subwoofers to hire on the market, and some of the better ones are capable of generating at least 125dB SPL this is very loud . However, this measurement is only part of the story. Many subs that can be hired are ported and tuned to sound impressively deep and powerful, but in reality their resonant tuning creates a degree of note ‘overhang’, making bass sounds less distinct than they should be. In other words, a kick drum that should go ‘thud’ ends up going ‘boom’!

When you’re thinking of putting subs indoors to hire  (such as in a shop or showrooom), it can be difficult to separate problems arising from the speaker hire design from those caused by the room, but at an outdoor event they could become very noticeable. Sealed-box subs create the tightest sound, but you need a fairly large box to allow a 15-inch or 18-inch driver to work efficiently at low frequencies. You can get away with using a pair of smaller subs speaker hire surrey  with 10- or 12-inch drivers each, but the available SPL from a pair of smaller drivers is often somewhat lower than from one big one.


Are you looking to hire a sound system in Surrey or London, we also offer a wide range of event lighting, stage hire and even microphone hire. Contact us today and one of our team would love to help.

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