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We have a wide range of truss to hire across London & Surrey for all sized events, we recommend you get in contact with us for all trussing hire questions. Offering a full on site building service in Surrey & London, STLS can provide you with full truss hire support. Please take a look below to view our full spec of trussing to rent.



Truss Hire London & Surrey

We stock an extensive range of Trussing to hire across London & Surrey , all available to hire as part of a complete system or individually:

H30v Truss Hire – Silver

  • 3m
  • 2m
  • 1m
  • 0.5m
  • 0.25m
  • Box corner with attachments
  • Base plate 325mm2
  • Base plate 1000mm2

Slick GS Truss Hire – Black

  • Slick GS 3.00m (10′)
  • Slick GS 2.44m (8′)
  • Slick GS 1.82m (6′)
  • Slick GS 1.24m (4′)
  • Slick GS 0.66m (2′)
  • Slick GS 0.39m (1′)
  • Slick Corner of all different types
  • Slick base plate 350mm2
  • Various adapters, pickup brackets and fork extensions available

Slick GS Self Climbing Header & Sleeve – Black

  • Slick GS Truss Head Block
  • Slick GS Truss Sleeve Block to GS & Maxi

GP52 A Type – Black

  • GP52 2.44m (8′)
  • GP52 1.82m (6′)
  • GP52 1.24m (4′)
  • GP52 0.60m (2′)
  • GP52 6way Corner
  • X Base

ProLyte Moving Light Pre Rig Truss Hire  – Black

  • S36 Flexible Centre Bar, Fixed dolly 2.44m (8′) section
  • S36 Flexible Centre Bar, Fixed dolly 1.52m (5′) section
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