STLS Events Adds Martin Audio Blackline To Rental Stock

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STLS Launches Martin Audio Speaker Hire In London & Surrey 

Martin Audio London are a British company who have a reputation for their no compromise approach to loudspeaker design and have been a cabinet of choice for top touring engineers since the 1970’s. The brand has also provided the speakers for Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage since 2008. The Blackline range are an extremely efficient (read “louder”) and robust speaker with an even 90×50 dispersion, a warm tone with smooth clear highs so it sounds great straight out of the box.

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Maritin Audio Blackline F15 Hire London & Surrey

The high power Blackline F15+ is a high performance, wide-bandwidth system in a compact and efficient package. Extended frequency response is provided by a new 15” (380mm) LF driver and a new 1.4” (35mm) exit compression driver mounted on a rotatable 80° x 50° constant directivity HF horn. The new LF driver features a tough, water resistant cone and a lightweight, high BL, neodymium motor system with inside/outside coil windings for improved heat transfer. An aluminium demodulating ring reduces distortion and improves midrange clarity at high levels and increased excursion is available via a triple roll surround and deep motor structure. The new HF driver utilises a titanium diaphragm with controlled break-up modes for improved sonic performance at high frequencies and the crossover design and LF cone profile have been optimised to match the directivity of the HF horn and LF section through the crossover region


Martin Audio Blackline S18 Hire London & Surrey

The compact Blackline S18+ sub-bass system has been designed to be used with Blackline F12+ and F15+ full-range systems to extend and increase the total low frequency output power. The S18+ provides good bass punch with extended sub-bass output from a new, long-excursion, 18” (460mm)/4” (100mm) voice coil driver with a water resistant cone and triple roll surround.

The S18+ is provided with a top hat fitting that can be used to pole mount an F12 or F15 above the enclosure.

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