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STLS Provides Digital Sound Installation In Surrey

STLS Provides Digital Sound Installation for The King’s Centre Chessington.

The Kings Centre Chessington is operated and run by Chessington Evangelical Church and is a venue that provides and event space, a community centre and a church all under one roof. Since opening in 1997 they have built up a reputation as a friendly, flexible venue offering excellent value for money. A number of our customers return year after year.With a 1000 seat main hall – one of the largest in Surrey – and a number of smaller rooms for break-out meetings and seminars, the can host events large and small. STLS has maintained and installed both Audio, lighting and AV installations and upgrades for over 10 years while also offering AV support and consulting for the various events they hold both at the Church and outside suppliers. We have supplied brands and installation

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STLS and the centre are always looking at ways the centre can be upgraded with new technology available to be able to offer. When the time came to invest in a new digital sound desk to replace the old anololog desk equipment STLS were asked to provide a sound desk that could be used both at a surface and wireless level that was  appropriate to the space.  It was essential that the systems be discreet to allow the church and centre to fully function out of major performance times and the equipment needed to be easy for non-specialist staff to use and for outside technical operators to have full control for events.With flexibility and ease of use a top priority, STLS worked with head of sound Chris Evans from the centre and recommended the centre went for the Allan & Heath SQ7. STLS Provided both support and installation for the migrate over to digital with the SQ7 they could have a surface for sound technicians and a tablet to control for ease of use and the church and the centre  and along with the SQ7 provided the installation of wireless access points, stage boxes and the patch for the centre to use. We chose this desk because Allen & Heath mixers are well respected in houses of worship for having the advanced functionality to meet the ever growing needs for sophisticated AV systems whilst retaining the ease of operation that volunteer operators from technical and music ministries greatly appreciate. Combine this with touring grade reliability and renowned audio quality and it’s not hard to see why so many houses of worship trust Allen & Heath with their sound.



The SQ-7 is a 48-channel console, fully compatible with a range of remote I/O expanders, including the portable DX168 96kHz stage boxes. Inputs and mixes can be individually assigned to 192 fader strips across 6 layers, while 16 softkeys and 8 user-assignable soft rotary controls allow the mixer’s workflow to be customised to the needs of each show and operator. Forthcoming Dante, Waves and SLink audio networking cards further extend the scope for expansion, system integration, FoH / monitor splits and recording.

Optional DEEP processing plugins give SQ-7 users access to boutique compressor and preamp emulations which can be embedded directly into all input and mix channels, without adding system latency or setup hassles.


The console’s SQ-Drive feature makes it easy to capture high resolution 96kHz stereo and multitrack recordings direct to a USB drive. SQ can also be hooked up to a PC or Mac via USB to become a plug ‘n play, Core Audio or ASIO compliant 32×32 audio interface, with upcoming MIDI and DAW Control capabilities. Another standout feature for AV customers is the inclusion of two independent, fully integrated and assignable Automatic Mic Mixers, that can be combined to create a mighty 48 channel AMM.

Allen & Heath Product Manager, Keith Johnson said, “SQ-7 embodies everything that’s so exciting about SQ – the power, the speed, the ergonomics – in a more imposing format that lets us push the capabilities of the console even further. As soon as we unleashed the SQ phenomenon, we were inundated by people who loved the concept and the features, and who wanted to take SQ into scenarios that called for more built-in I/O and more hands-on control. This one is for them!”

SQ-7 is supported by an ecosystem of mixing and personal monitoring apps, remote I/O expanders, audio networking cards and ME personal mixers, multiplying the system’s expansion and integration possibilities.


AR2412 is a 48kHz, 24 XLR input, 12 XLR output AudioRack, compatible with GLD, Qu, Avantis and SQ mixers.

Adding an AR2412 to your system lets you position some or all of your I/O up to 100m from the mixer, connected over a single Cat5 cable running Allen & Heath’s dSNAKE protocol.

dSNAKE provides control to the remote preamp, and all mic preamps are scene recallable.

AR2412 also includes a Monitor port for connection to ME-1 personal mixers, and an Expander port for daisy chaining to an AR84 or AB168.


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