Theatre Comms Hire 

Our Tecpro communication system hire is very popular for theatre. It works as a ‘two-wire’ or ‘party-line’ system, which enables a number of people to take part in the same conversation. Each participant can hear all other participants on the same circuit while being able to talk to them simultaneously. We have more complex comms systems available for hire, which typically employ a master station that has two in-built power supplies and offers two independent communication circuits, A and B. Participants in a conversation on circuit A cannot communicate with those on circuit B. Still, the person operating the master station can communicate with circuits A and B separately or together. So, if you’re looking for communications hire, then this really is the system for you.

Two-Way Radio Hire 

Our two-way radios are hand-portable two-way digital radios. These are Motorola’s leading radio systems, designed for the skilled professional who refuses to compromise. With high-performance integrated voice and data communications and advanced features for efficient operation, these next-generation radios deliver complete connectivity to your business or organisation. Our Motorola radio hire also provides support for digital trunking options and will work with legacy analogue radios to give you the flexibility and adaptability required. The series features a prominent emergency Panic Button for Health and Safety applications with Transmit Interrupt to ensure your emergency call gets through the first time. The radio is tested to military standards and is built to IP68 Standard (fully submersible).