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From community & council events to international artists, we have high-quality equipment & crew to deliver the right production for your live music event.

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Let our professional corporate event production team transform your vision.


We understand how important your brand and company values are to you. At STLS, our expert corporate event production team transforms your vision into engaging conferences, awards, and gala dinner events with the latest audiovisual event technology, creating visually exciting and memorable experiences.

As one of the largest AV production suppliers, we know how to produce almost any event in any venue where corporate events can be exciting. Whether you’re looking to impress your clients, launch a new product, celebrate a win or thank your staff, we’ll use our knowledge and operational strategy to deliver professional corporate event services.

Plus, unlike most in-house AV suppliers, we are not limited by venue financial agreements and have no hidden costs or agendas!

Quality & Detail

We believe “the difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.”


STLS prides itself on focusing on professionalism and quality of work. We take great pride in our work and everything we achieve working with some of the best clients across the UK.

Fast Turnaround

We know things can be left to the last moment, so we aim to provide fast turnaround times for a reliable corporate audiovisual service that delivers beyond your expectations.

Going The Extra Mile

Our team is committed to blowing people’s minds and is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty. It’s the simplest, easiest, most direct route to gain trust, respect and loyalty.


With over a decade of experience in corporate event production services, we have a reputation for supplying technical solutions across the UK, including lighting, audio, video, and rigging.

Leading Corporate Event Production Company

First impressions are lasting impressions, and you must make a bold statement to create an impact. We have worked closely with expert branding and marketing companies to launch world-renowned brands successfully in all sorts of industries.

We are the experts in out-of-the-box AV solutions, and we understand that when customers have a positive experience with your product, you can drive Social Media influence and increase overall business success. Using our advanced audiovisual equipment for conferences, we will help you create an event that will be talked about for years.

Unmatched Quality And Efficiency In Corporate Event Production

A gala or special event is an occasion that many look forward to on their social calendar and an opportunity to get creative. Regardless of your theme, colour or concepts, the AV & Styling team at STLS has the technology and the skills to make it happen. 

We excel in delivering memorable events, from intimate to large-scale events. We believe the experience should be immersive and create a seamless blending of all the audiovisual elements and with an extensive product range and an experienced technical team, we can also cater to all your entertainment needs.

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