Lighting Hire for Events

Event lighting hire is a crucial aspect of creating the right atmosphere and environment for your event. The type of lighting you opt for will largely depend on the nature and location of your event. For example, if you are planning an indoor event, you will need different lighting compared to an outdoor event. The time of day also plays a role in determining your lighting requirements.

At STLS, we offer a diverse range of event lighting hire options to cater to your specific needs.

Stage Lighting

Our stage lighting hire for events is perfect for schools and theatres, with a variety of profiles, pars, Fresnel, and LED fixtures available. We can also provide a dedicated crew to set up, take down, and deliver the equipment.

Moving Lighting

For those looking for moving lighting options, we stock a range of renowned brands such as Robe, Martin, and Chauvet. Whether you need washes or profiles, our moving light stock is constantly upgraded and maintained for optimal quality and reliability.

LED Uplighting

Uplighting is a versatile option that can transform any space, and we offer both wireless and wired solutions. Our uplighting is ideal for various events and can help create different moods in different sections of a venue.

Festoon Lighting

If you’re planning a wedding, festival, or theatre production, our festoon lighting is an excellent choice. We have one of the largest stock in London, featuring high-quality cables and both LED and tungsten lamps for the perfect festoon lighting solution.

Fairy Lights (Pea Lighting)

Fairy lights can add a magical touch to any outdoor event. They are particularly suited for gardens, as they can be elegantly draped around branches and bushes. Opting for solar-powered fairy lighting hire can help you save on energy and electricity costs for your event.

Outdoor Lighting

For outdoor events, our range of outdoor lighting options can help you highlight buildings, trees, and walkways. All our outdoor lighting solutions are fully IP rated and regularly tested to ensure their suitability for various events.

Follow Spot Lighting

Follow spot lighting is essential for capturing the spotlight on individuals or products. Whether it’s for school productions or product launches, our LED and standard follow spots are perfect for drawing attention to your desired focal point.

Event Lighting Hire in London & Surrey

At STLS, we offer a wide selection of event lighting hire for weddings, corporate events, parties, and more. Our extensive stock ensures that you will find the perfect lighting solution for your occasion. Rest assured that all our lighting equipment is PAT tested and inspected before every use to guarantee safety and reliability.

Our dedicated team is always available to answer any questions you may have while browsing through our website. Although we are based in Epsom, Surrey, we are committed to serving customers in London, Kingston, and Richmond, and are willing to travel further to meet your needs.

In addition to event lighting hire, we also provide speaker hire/PA systems, radio microphones, and full lighting and sound production staff to ensure seamless event execution. From delivery and setup to collection, we have all your technical requirements covered. Contact us today to explore our wide range of event lighting hire options.