What is a follow spot and why is it inportant?

our Followspots hires are a vital part of stage lighting in shows and events, designed to cut through and light specific actors or elements of a show or event. Our follow spot light hires come stand mounted, followspots need to be controlled by an operator, who can move the spot around to draw the audience’s attention to a specific part of the event or stage. STLS can provide crew for this or you can use your own.

In our hire stock at STLS we only stock followspots from leading manufacturers such as Robert Juliat Every fixture in this collection is tested to the highest safety standards, ensuring you spot is at its best quality for your hire. Whatever type of performance you’re putting on, we have the followspot you need to light up the show.

To find out more about using followspots for the stage, get in touch with one of our qualified team – we’re always happy to help.

Follow spots are great for capturing and highlighting performers on a stage.