Rigging Hoist Equipment Hire

Our range offers high-quality rigging hoists, ensuring your event has the necessary structural requirements for safety and efficiency. Hiring our rigging hoists gives you the flexibility to customise your event space to your exact specifications without the cost of purchasing them. Our hoist rigging equipment features brands like Doughty, Powerdrive, and Crosby, all known for their reliability and ease of use.

Rigging Hoists for Events

Whether it’s a conference or a fashion show, STLS offers a wide range of tailored rigging hoist hire options to support all your event needs.

We offer an installation service for any hired equipment from our self-hire range. Our knowledgeable and specialised team will ensure your rigging hoist equipment is fitted to safe and professional standards.

Theatrical Productions

Rigging hoists are essential in setting up the stage for concerts and music festivals. They keep the stage equipment secure, ensuring the safety of performers and attendees as well as enhancing the overall experience. The adaptability of our rigging hoists allows for creative layouts, supporting unique stage setups for any artist or band.

Corporate Events

Our rigging hoists offer a discreet yet powerful means to manage the event space for corporate events. They can position lighting, projectors, and screens, ensuring every presentation is received with clarity and impact.

Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Our range of rigging hoists helps create eye-catching displays. They support the strategic and adaptable placement of banners, signage, and lighting for marketing products or services.

Outdoor Events and Festivals

Our robust and weather-resistant hoists are perfect for any equipment needed for your festival or outdoor event, ensuring they remain secure and functional regardless of weather conditions.

Fashion Events

Whether adjusting the lighting for the perfect ambience or creating effective, moving displays, our rigging hoist hire service helps add sophistication to these stylish events, creating an immersive experience for the audience.

Special Celebrations

From small gatherings to weddings, our rigging hoists can transform any venue into a custom event space that meets your needs. They enable custom lighting setups and decorations, ensuring every event is unique and personalised.

Rigging Hoist Hire in London & Surrey

Hiring rigging hoist equipment from STLS offers a complete solution tailored to your event’s needs. We understand the importance of safe and high-quality equipment in making your event successful. Our easy quote process ensures you get the information and support you need from our experienced team.

Contact us to discuss your event needs, and trust us to provide you with the right equipment to make it a success.

We offer a range of high-quality electric and manual chain hoists, with capacities from 250kg to 1T, making them suitable for all kinds of event requirements.

Of course! Our specialist team will provide thorough support, from setting up the hoists to any other technical support you need.

Absolutely. All our equipment, including rigging hoists, is PAT tested and inspected by our expert team before every use to guarantee safety and reliability.