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A Modern AV Transformation at Glaziers Hall, London

Glaziers Hall, a renowned event venue in the heart of London, was facing the challenge of keeping pace with modern technology requirements. The hall was equipped with an older projector system that was not only dated but also lacked compatibility with newer technology models. Furthermore, the absence of a wireless solution created unnecessary hurdles for clients looking to stream their presentations with ease.

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The brief; wireless state of the art technology

STLS was tasked with two clear objectives:

  1. Introduce a High Definition projector solution to ensure clarity and precision for all presentations.
  2. Implement a seamless wireless system allowing clients to stream presentations without the hassle of cables or adapters.

STLS undertook the challenge and delivered results that were not just state-of-the-art but also efficient. The installation of the InstaShow® VS20 Wireless Presentation System from Benq marked a UK first, positioning Glaziers Hall at the forefront of AV technology in the country.

Coupled with the Epson EB-L630SU Projector and a 4m electric drop-down screen, the venue could now offer unmatched audio-visual experiences to its clients.

Understanding the importance of keeping downtime to a minimum for a bustling venue like Glaziers Hall, STLS successfully completed the installation within a tight timeframe of just two days.

The outcome; ensuring the highest AV quality

Outcome & Benefits:

The introduction of the new AV system brought with it a plethora of advantages:

  1. Sync Up Hybrid Meetings Seamlessly: With the wireless solution in place, syncing up hybrid meetings became effortless, allowing presenters from anywhere in the world to connect without a glitch.
  2. Enhanced Client Experience: No longer bound by the limitations of outdated technology, clients could now plug in newer models of technology, ensuring their presentations ran smoothly.
  3. Strengthened Partnership: The successful execution of this project paved the way for a promising and enduring relationship between STLS and Glaziers Hall.

The revamped AV system received an overwhelmingly positive response from staff and visitors. Not only did it elevate the status of Glaziers Hall as a top-tier event venue, but it also laid the foundation for future technological advancements in the space.

The success story at Glaziers Hall sets a new standard for AV systems in event venues across the UK. With a growing relationship between STLS and Glaziers Hall, the industry can anticipate more innovations in the future, keeping venues like Glaziers Hall ahead of the curve.

A Modern AV Transformation at Glaziers Hall, London
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A Modern AV Transformation at Glaziers Hall, London
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A Modern AV Transformation at Glaziers Hall, London
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A Modern AV Transformation at Glaziers Hall, London
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