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Camp Wildfire Festival

As seen on Dragons Den, Camp Wildfire i(The UK’s first Summer Camp for adults) The festival features multiple stages hosting various genres of music and live performances as well as a games arena and multiple games and activity zones. In order to ensure that the festival runs smoothly and provides an immersive experience to its attendees, the organizers of Camp Wildfire needed to secure reliable and high-quality production company to provide lighting solutions for the stages and games arena.


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The brief; Adventure by Day
Party by Night

Camp Wildfire is a highly anticipated annual music and arts festival held in the UK. With multiple stages hosting various genres of music, live performances, and a unique blend of culture and community, the festival attracts a diverse range of attendees. The festival is renowned for its immersive atmosphere and visually stunning experiences, with a focus on creating a memorable and meaningful event for its attendees. With its carefully curated lineup of local and international talent, Camp Wildfire has established itself as one of the UK’s leading music and arts festivals, attracting attendees from all over the world.


The festival organizers needed a lighting solution that would meet the demands of their fast-paced event, as well as provide a visually stunning experience for the attendees. With multiple stages and various lighting requirements, finding the right lighting solutions was a significant challenge.


STLS, is one of the fasted growing provider of lighting in the UK, they were approached to provide lighting solutions for the multiple stages at Camp Wildfire. STLS brought their expertise and experience to the table and provided high-quality lighting solutions for each stage, taking into account the specific lighting needs of each stage and unique performance.

The gear; ensuring the highest sound & lighting quality


The lighting equipment provided by STLS helped to enhance the overall atmosphere of Camp Wildfire, and provided a visually stunning experience for the festival’s attendees. The lighting solutions provided by STLS were also easy to operate and maintain, ensuring that the festival ran smoothly and without any interruptions.


STLS’s expertise and experience in providing lighting solutions made them the perfect partner for Camp Wildfire Festival. Their high-quality lighting solutions helped to enhance the festival’s overall atmosphere and provide a visually stunning experience for the festival’s attendees. By working closely with the festival organizers and taking into account their specific needs and requirements, STLS was able to deliver a successful lighting solution for Camp Wildfire Festival.

Camp Wildfire Festival
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Camp Wildfire Festival
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