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Discover Children’s Story Centre Stage Lighting Installation

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The brief; to upgrade the lighting system to be more eco, flexible for any event and simple to use.

Discover Children’s Story Centre is located in Stratford London, At the heart of Discover are two floors of magical Story Worlds and a Story Garden – immersive, exploratory play spaces where children and their imaginations can roam. Creep through caves, find hidden ships and perform in a puppet castle. Jump over alligators and captain spaceships. Visit a tree house with chicken legs and discover mysterious hidden sculptures.

Discover contacted our install team to be involved in an exciting new project within the Granny Moose room with the aim to create the space into a multipurpose event space.

The gear; cost effective creative lighting soloutions

The system consists of 8 RGBA LED fittings individually addressed on an custom designed Internally wired bar which features 5x 13A sockets and a DMX output socket. We used a state of the art simple to use lighting desk with colour quick selects and the facility to save your own scenes. The installation was able to take place over a short 2 day period meaning the least interruption to the building as possible.

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