About Our Lighting Company London Services

Are you looking to hire stage or events lighting for your event? Does your event take place in London or even Surrey? Great, you are in the right place. STLS Events, lighting hire London and lighting hire Surrey is just the place you need to be!

What We Do

STLS are a production company that offer their lighting, sound and video service across London and Surrey. We have provided stage lighting hire for productions of all varieties, all shapes and all sizes. We have helped to light arenas, concert halls, plays, musicals, ballets, operas, conferences, lectures, you name it and we have most certainly shed a lot of lighting on it!

We also provide event lighting hire, London and Surrey. If you can imagine that theatre productions and stage lighting is diverse, it is nothing compared to the explosion of innovative requests and lighting creativity that has come out of the many events we have catered to; weddings, corporate parties, birthdays, school discos, gallery installations. These events have taken place in locations from tower blocks to fields, from warehouses to barns and from churches to hotels.

What Stage Lighting Do We Provide?

Stage lighting is an art. As much as a painter relies on the quality of his brushes, a lighting designer relies on the quality of his equipment. We have a range of lighting capable of filling any stage lighting hire requirement. Stage lighting falls into roughly five sections, all of which we can cater to.

Spotlights. These are used for extreme focus and detail in a stage, picking out the desired subject for attention. We have specific spotlights in stock as well as a range of LED units that serve brilliantly for this purpose.

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Fixed-Focus Lighting

These cover a wide area but are special because the covers are treated to exactly the same light; no fading out at the edges.

Broad Lights

These are your basics. Lightweight, single bulb lamps, perfect for small spaces and filling in forgotten shadowy corners. These are perfect for small studio theatres and subtly lit rooms.

Soft Lamps

These really do soften stages. Without them, there would be a lot of shadow on stage, and the comparison between light and dark would be extremely harsh. These are used to blur that line and make the onstage picture easier on the eye.


This is a task that can actually be performed by most lighting units if the space is right. This is a foundation measure, used to give the stage a base coat before other tones are added.

What Event Lighting Do We Provide?

The lighting being used at and designed for events is ever expanding, the effects they produce are getting forever cooler and more imaginative. Our stock is also expanding in response to this which makes us one of the most diverse event lighting hire companies in London. Here’s a quick look at some of our most popular units:

Fairy Lights. These are the perfect way to add a little fantasy to a room. Yes, they do come in the single line variety, as you might have on your Christmas tree. But we also have them in the form of wall hangings, creating an entire façade of twinkling lights, you could even hire an entire tent with its walls and ceilings dripping in lights.

Disco Lights. The dancefloor is no disco without decent lighting. We have the whole lot, moving lights, strobes, disco balls, lasers. Anything to get that dancing going and an atmosphere rocking.

Outdoor Lighting. Outdoor areas are becoming more and more utilised as the standard and range of outdoor lighting. Create a well lit outdoor area by installing floodlights and then adorn the area with a cradle of fairy and festoon lights to calm to mood and ensure some ambience.

LED Up-lights. These up lights are brilliant. LED’s produce strong reliable light without producing a lot of heat or using a lot of power. They are pretty affordable lighting units too! These are perfect for creating a soft up-light for and space, inside of out; framing it in a soft glow.

Moving Lights. In opposition to up-lights and floodlights, these are not to create clam or ambience. They create movement, as the name might suggest, and are perfect if you want to rally up some excitement for what is to come in your event!

To discover more about our amazing range of events lighting, take a quick look at our products page: Lighting Hire London & Surrey.

How Much Does Lighting Hire Cost?

You may be concerned that lighting hire is extremely pricey, and some of it is on the expensive side, but this needn’t always be the case. With improvements in lighting technology and the surge in LED stage lighting and events lighting equipment, hire costs are not as astronomical as they once were. Whatever your budget may be, there will always be a lighting solution to fit your budget.

Some of our smaller most basic lighting units can cost as little as £6.00 a day to hire, whereas larger units such as follow spots can reach as much as £180.00 for the day. The best thing to do, if you are wondering about price, is to get in touch with is get in touch with us at STLS Event Lighting Hire London or Event Lighting Hire Surrey and talk to us about your needs. We will work with you to come up with a good quote in no time.

What Else Do We Provide Other Than Lighting?

Although we are a lighting hire company first, we also have plenty of add-ons available to make your life, and your job in planning your event or production, so much easier. On top of our events lighting hire and stage lighting hire we also offer the following:

Sound Equipment. We can also cater to all of your sound equipment needs. We have a range of sound and lighting decks available, as well as full-blown sound and PA systems that can be installed in any composition, whatever the required size or effect. We have microphones available, these include handheld mics, radio mics, head mics and pick-ups.

Stage and Trusses. Need an extra level on the stage, or missing a thrust? Perhaps you need to build a structure on which to dress set or to give your performance area depth and interest. No worries, we have plenty of extra staging and trussing in stock and are happy to advise on its installation or any construction you and your production team may have in mind.

Experts. We take a lot of pride in the service that we provide to people. We do not only do this to ensure business, but we also do it because we want to; we love our job and we love helping others to achieve their visions. We hire the best, provide the best training and are committed to being ahead of the trend when it comes to new developments and lighting practices. When you come to use for event lighting hire or stage lighting hire, you will also get the benefit of our passion, our expertise and our extensive experience in the lighting trade.