10 Best Festoon Lighting Ideas

Festoon lights are incredibly versatile and can be used in many different creative ways to create a romantic, relaxing and enchanting atmosphere. It’s often used at weddings, festivals and other outdoor events to highlight key areas. Festoon lighting is sometimes confused with fairy lights, but they are actually a lot bigger than fairy lights and can light up much larger spaces. This is why they’re so popular for event lighting.

As we’ve helped to supply and produce event lighting solutions for so many events over the years, we want to share the best festoon lighting ideas we’ve seen and put together for our customers to show how it can make your exterior space feel cosy and inviting for those cool nights ahead.

10 Festoon Lighting Ideas

1. Wedding and Event Decoration

Festoon Lighting IdeasUsing festoon lights to decorate wedding venues, parties, or other events adds a magical and romantic vibe that not many other lighting options offer! They work great behind bars, around dance floors, to frame stage areas or artwork, and even to brighten up your wedding aisle if you get married later in the day or in a darker venue.

2. Outdoor Patio Lighting

Whether you’re planning an outdoor event or just looking to spruce up your patio or garden area, you can drape festoon lights to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

3. Indoor Décor

If you’re keen to use festoon lights at home, you can hang festoon lighting around your living room or dining area to add a cosy touch. They’re great for sprucing up your home at Christmas time too!

4. Café and Restaurant Ambiance

Festoon Lighting Ideas

If you are lookingto create an inviting vibe in your cafe or restaurant, hanging festoon lights both indoors and outdoors creates an environment that your customers will struggle to leave!

5. Walkway Lighting

We’ve already mentioned one of our favourite festoon lighting ideas for brightening up a wedding aisle. If you’re wondering how that works, you can hang festoon lighting on Shepherd’s pole hooks to guide any path or walkway, so this idea isn’t just for weddings! You can line garden paths, driveways, red carpets, or anywhere else you can think of.

6. Photo Backdrops

Setting up festoon lights as a backdrop for photos creates a beautiful twinkling background effect, which is perfect for events of all sizes and industries.

7. Glamping Venues

Glamping Festoon Lighting IdeaFestoon lights might seem a bit “glam” for camping, which is why they’re perfect for glamping venues. They create a pleasant atmosphere for your glamping guests and can be used to light up key areas (like toilets and showers!) to help guests find their way around your glamping site.

9. Staircase Lighting

Similar to walkway lighting, you can drape festoon lights along staircases to make sure guests can see them in the dark and to make sure every area of your venue has the vibe you want.

10. Balcony Decorations

Decorating your balcony with festoon lights make for great photo opportunities and to help create private spaces at your event.

11. Tree Decorations

Garden Festoon Lighting IdeasTrees are a great alternative for festoon lighting hooks but you can also wrap festoon lights around trees for an enchanting night-time effect.

8 Festoon Lighting Tips

Now you’ve heard some of our best festoon lighting ideas, here are some tips to make sure your festoon lighting looks great at your event, no matter where you put them!

1. Make sure the festoon lights are hung securely and at the right height. You don’t want them falling down and ruining your event!

2. Plan the layout of the festoon lighting before you start hanging them. This will help to ensure that everything looks symmetrical and professional.

3. Use festoon lights to create focal points in your event space, for example, by using them to light up a tree or a sculpture.

4. If you’re using festoon lighting at a wedding, choose a colour scheme that complements the bride’s dress and the table decorations.

5. Festoon lights need to be plugged into an appropriate power source away from heavy foot traffic areas. Trust us, you don’t want them tripping out halfway through your event!

6. Choose festoon lights with LED lamps to save energy and avoid them getting too hot if you plan to have them on for several hours at a time.

7. Make sure you have enough festoon lights for your event! If you’re planning on lighting up a large space, you’ll need more than just a few strings!

8. Finally, enjoy your festoon lighting! They can really help to set the mood and create a festive atmosphere.

Ready to Hire Festoon Lights for Your Event?

Now that we’ve inspired you with our top festoon lighting ideas, it’s time to start putting words into action! At STLS, we are the UK’s largest supplier of festivals, weddings and events looking to hire festoon lights. Contact our friendly team for a quote, advice and more information on how you can hire festoon lights from us for your big event.