Tips For Event Lighting Hire

Sound and lighting are essential for event success. If you are starting a business such as a club, lighting will determine whether your business makes money. That is why you must make sure that you talk to a professional lighting company. They will have the right equipment for hire or sale, and you can be sure that your clients or guests will love the experience.

A professional lighting company is experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about its line of work. They will provide unique insights into the project and help you create excellent lighting for your guests.

At STLS events, we are a top UK professional lighting company. We have been in the business for the last ten years and have gained insights into the work. Our team is well trained and stays up to date with the latest technological advancements and lighting techniques. That ensures that they provide high-quality event lighting services and that our clients are satisfied.

Tips For Event Lighting

Here are tips you can use when lighting your event.

Ask Questions

Before you start choosing lights and colour, you need to know what type of event you are holding, the people you are expecting, the layout and the number of people. Lighting for a cocktail party will vary from when lighting a sitdown dinner. Bear in mind that your choice of coloured lights will be determined by what the event is about.

For example, you can choose to add blue lights for marine benefits and pink light for a cancer benefit dinner. If you are setting up lighting for a club theme event, it will differ from a black-tie event. Make sure that you also think about the budget and the size of the venue.

That will ensure that you pick lights that will enhance the guest experience and make everyone feel better. If this seems overwhelming, you can contact STLS Events for help. Our team will help you pick the light event lighting for your party.

Create a Project Plan

Now that you understand the type of event you are preparing for, you need to prepare a project plan. You will need to plan where the lights will go and how many there will be. You will also need to choose colours. One of the best ways to do that is using a computer aided design program. The software will make setting up event lighting much easier.

If you do not have computer software, you can use pen and paper to map your event lighting. Ensure that you include the tables, stage, dance floor and decorative installations when drawing your layout. You should also remember to include the centrepieces if there are any at the event.

Taking the time to make a layout will help you decide on the types of lights you need and where you can place them. If you are an event planner, you can hire lighting supplies from professional event lighting companies instead of purchasing them for a single event.

High Traffic Areas

You will need to highlight high traffic areas at the event. High traffic areas are those places where people spend most of their time. These could be the tables, buffet, bar or even the dance floor depending on the event.

Highlighting these areas will ensure that the guests can see what is available to eat and find their way to their tables. You can also artistically light floral arrangements and decorations. These types of lights should be concentrated instead of disbursed.

LED Lights

LED lights are energy-efficient and are cheaper than tungsten lights. You will use less electricity to produce the same light, which will significantly reduce your event costs. LED lights are also long lasting compared to other light sources. You can also use multi-coloured LED lights to create beautiful colour effects.


Coloured lights help set the mood of an event and can enhance the guest experience at your event. The correct lighting for events will ensure guests can see each other and their table. Lighting does not have to be bright or harsh to be effective. Coloured lights will go a long way in softening the lighting at your party.

It will also ensure that guests are comfortable and have a transformative effect on the tent or other simple structure. That said, you should be careful when using coloured lights as too many can produce a circus effect. You could try using one colour on the walls and a different one on the ceiling, for instance.

Lighting Effects

Lighting effects are an excellent choice for corporate events as they can project company logos and designs on the walls and floors. You can choose to use fade-in and fade-out effects which will help create a magical atmosphere that your guests will love.

You can choose to use video projection, which allows you a wider range to project images and designs. Bear in mind that you can change the room appearance by projecting a video loop that creates an immersive space for your event guests.

Light The Exterior

Often the exterior is forgotten when lighting an event. Exterior lights are essential because they make your venue stand out and help your guests find it. A well-lit exterior will ensure that your guests are excited about the event even before they walk in. It can also be a great way to advertise a business. Beautiful lights during an anniversary celebration, for instance, will ensure that more people ask about your business later.

Be Creative

Make sure that you use lighting creatively for your event. There is no one size fits all event lighting style, and you can create unique experiences for your guests using creative lighting strategies. Check out ideas on event lighting online and combine those with your techniques. When you do that, you will create a unique and memorable event experience.

Lighting for events should be carefully planned and executed. That will ensure that your guests have a great time. At STLS, we are an events lighting company in Epsom Surrey. Our team is experienced and passionate and ensures that our customers are satisfied.