Why Hire Festoon Lighting In 2021?

Why to hire festoon lighting in 2021? An event lasts a day, but memories last forever. Whether it’s the first time you hear it or not there’s an undeniable appeal to the phrase. Every single day of our lives is important, but there are some that we want to stand out from the rest. From weddings, parties or even conferences, there’s no shortage to those special days that deserve the extra treatment.

Planning an event doesn’t have to be hard, but it should be thorough and professional. Thankfully for those of you in Surrey and London, there’s a company ready to assist you. With over 10 years of experience, STLS has become one of the UK’s premier production companies. And if you want that professional look but don’t want to directly hire them for all the planning, you can rent out equipment too.

With that in mind today we’ll go over festoon lights hire, one of the most beautiful ways you can add some light to any night or indoor event. We’ll cover why they are so good, when should you use them, and how STLS can help you along the way. So let’s get started right away.

Why should you opt for festoon lighting hire?

Right now you are probably wondering why you would want festoon lighting for events. Or maybe you are wondering what festoon lights are in the first place, that’s fair too. The fact is that you’ve probably seen festoon lights already. Remember any event where you saw dimly lighted bulbs hanging for wire over the roof or across posts? Those are festoon lights,

Designed to look like those classic bulbs of the past, these LED lights usually come in warm colours, Coupled with their dim brightness they offer a cosy and warm ambient to any event. Festoon lights are wonderful for night events because they are bright enough to allow you to enjoy the evening, but they aren’t overbearing either. These delicate balances add up to their charms and allow them to be a mood-setter all on their own.

Another key advantage is that our festoon lighting hire are rather simple to install compared to alternatives. They are wired not unlike Christmas lights and don’t require anything but a connection and a place to hang. In fact, with STLS’s help, they become even easier to use. On top of the festoon lighting hire you can also rent our Shepard’s hooks, which means any location can be adapted for these lights.

What kind of events benefit from festoon lights hire?

Using festoon lighting hire for weddings is a tendency that’s starting to catch up, and creates a beautiful ambient for the whole experience. The mood they provide is of course key for this, as weddings are ultimately elegant affairs. But something that shouldn’t be undersold about festoon lights is how good they are defining spaces.

Since these lights are so easy to install and can be placed practically anywhere they can be used both as lighting and as a way to call attention to a specific area. Carefully arranging them in the aisle is simply breathtaking, as the subtle glow of the light will accompany the bride on the walk and place all the focus on the aisle itself.

In general, any event that has a wide lane can take great advantage of festoon lights. Any even that has a “red carpet” or similarly, long entrance can use a festoon arrangement to make the mood from the moment the guests arrive. So school balls or award shows would greatly benefit from this kind of lighting.

On top of that since they are a wired strip of light you can use them to help certain elements pop out. You can use them as you would cascading lights, and place them on the border of roofs or logos. This will ensure that attention is brought to them, but it will be far more subtle than the alternatives.

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Why should you pick STLS?

By now you are probably convinced of the appeal festoon lighting hire in 2021 offer to any elegant event, but we haven’t covered yet why STLS is such a great option in the London and Surrey area. Quality is of course the first aspect to take into consideration. STLS is involved with major events in the area, and in fact, they even are the official light and sound providers for the Chelsea & Kensington Town Halls. Their reputation coupled with all their years of experience doesn’t lie.

However, even beyond their reputation they still offer a lot of value. All of their equipment and employees are fully insured, so as their client you can rest free of worry whenever you hire them. Their equipment is also PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) compliant and is tested every time they are sent out. So there’s no chance that something will go wrong in your event like a segment of lights not turning on. This level of professionalism isn’t present in all providers, and any certainty you can get for your plans is always received.

And last but not least, they simply are practical. Not all event sites offer their lighting and even if they do there’s no guarantee that they’ll have festoon lights available. You could opt to purchase them yourself, but even in the case that you find a good deal… what would you do with all those lights afterwards? Contact Us today for more info.