Awesome Tips for Portable Staging Hire In 2023

Our Awesome Tips for Portable Staging Hire

You’ve been looking for a new way to make your event stand out from the rest. You know that staging is an excellent way to do this, but you’re not sure how to transport it or where to find one that’s affordable. Well, we have the solution! This blog post will provide you with tips on portable staging hire and how it can be used as a cost-effective solution for any event.

How to set up staging?

The best effective way to set up a stage is to have a designated space for it. If you’re using a rented stage, always make sure to check the dimensions and how much space is needed for both the set-up and dismantle of the stage. Always leave enough room around the stage for people to move comfortably and avoid obstructions.

What portable staging to hire?

When building your own stage, remember to make it as portable as possible. With the right materials, you can avoid hiring a truck to transport it from your event’s location to another one. There are many different types of staging available for hire and each type has their own pros and cons. Take a look at our staging page and look at our selection.

What size stage to use?

The best stage size to use really depends on the space you have available and how many people will be standing on the stage. Make sure to measure your floor area and take into account any obstructions or stairs that may cause accessibility problems for certain members of your audience.

Remember, if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to make your event stand out from all others, portable staging hire

What stage surface do you need?

With most portable staging the best surface is a good quality carpet, but it’s imperative that you choose one that is safe for your audience. Avoid using any type of rubber backing as this can lead to slipping and the risk of injury.

Where to buy or hire portable staging?

Here at STLS we supply portable staging in many shapes and sizes. Each of these can be used for different applications, depending on the size you need. We also offer a range of staging surfaces including: rubber, carpet and wood – so whatever your needs we’ll have what you’re looking for! We believe that hiring our portable stages is an affordable way to bring stunning event design to life.

Awesome Tips for Portable Staging Hire In 2023


The Stage to hire is ideal for all your London & Surrey business functions from conferences, award ceremonies and exhibitions to banquets, product launches and concerts. We can also offer educational discounts for schools and collages.  With our StageDex hire you can create stunning structures and tailor made stage platforms, entertainment stages or dance platforms. By mounting legs with castors you can also easily convert your decks into rolling risers.


The aluminium stage decks hire offer an efficient and lightweight solution with a high loading capacity this is great for small vans too. The StageDex staging system is based on an light aluminium frame made from a specially extruded profile this looks great. The plywood top board is glued to this frame to reduce noise and vibration. StageDex platforms can be transformed quickly and easily, often without the need for tools we are all for making life easy.


StageDex is available in either imperial or metric measurements, ensuring compatibility with structural formats across the world. Furthermore StageDex offers a broad range of standard shapes to create the stage according to your imagination. Besides the standard shapes, different and if needed special shapes are available on request.

Hire Our Staging Equipment

Finding the right portable staging for your needs is easier than you might think. Portable stages are perfect if you want to host an event that doesn’t require permanent installation, or if you need temporary space in a pinch. The best part about using these pieces of equipment is how simple they are to use and hire – this means hiring them will be cheaper too! If you’re looking to buy rather than rent, take advantage of our sales team who can help find the best solution for your event at any budget level. Want more information? Just contact us here or give us a call on today! We’ll talk through what’s available so we can find the ideal stage for your requirements.